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Jerusalem's Neve Ya'akov neighborhood is mourning after a Palestinian terrorist shot dead people near the Ateret Avraham Synagogue on Friday evening.

Seven people were killed and three were wounded in the deadliest Palestinian attack in years, BTA reports.

Israeli police this afternoon sealed off the home of terrorist Alkam Khairi, who was killed after opening fire on police officers, and the security cabinet decided to increase Israel's military and police presence in Judea and Samaria, among other measures.

However, these measures are not particularly important for bereaved families.

Police in Israel detained 42 people after the killing outside a synagogue

Eli and Natalie Mizrahi, a couple in their 40s, had been married for two years.

Residents of the central Israeli city of Beit Shemesh, they spent Shabbat with Eli's father, Shimon.

At dinner, they heard gunshots and ran outside to help.

Natalie worked for 20 years in the nutrition department of the Hadassah-Skopje University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

"Everyone who worked with her spoke of a warm-hearted woman, distinguished by caring and a daily readiness to help patients. For this reason, her colleagues were not surprised to learn that she rushed to help the victims last evening," said Dr. Yoram Weiss, CEO of the Hadassah Medical Services Company.

The youngest victim is 14-year-old Asher Nathan.

After having dinner with his family on Shabbat, he went outside to see friends.  

"He was killed with unimaginable cruelty by a terrorist who did not stop even when he saw a boy with purity in his eyes. No one can describe the terrible pain of parents who have to bury their own son, but I want to tell them - Israel will always prevail," said Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lyon.

Nathan was buried in the Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem.

Raphael Ben-Eliyahu was a 56-year-old postal worker.

He was buried in the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem and leaves three children.

One of his sons, Matan, was injured in the attack.

According to Hadassah, Matan is conscious, but his condition is serious.   

Shaul Hai was a minister at a synagogue in Pisgat Zeev.

Sixty-eight-year-old Hai was shot while walking back to Pisgat Zeev after having dinner with a relative.

Ilya Sosanski worked as a bartender in the central Jerusalem bar "Cactus 9".

He was traveling to the bar on his motorcycle when he was shot.  

Former MP Abir Kara, an acquaintance of Ilya, wrote on Twitter: "It's so hard to talk about you in the past tense. You are a wonderful boy. A talented, cheerful, humble and respectful boy. You didn't have an ounce of ego in you. You drove everyone to feel good".

The seventh victim is Irina Korolova, a 59-year-old citizen of Ukraine, who for six years worked at Neve Yakov as a caregiver for people who cannot take care of themselves.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offered his condolences via Twitter.   

"We share (Israel's) pain after the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. Among the victims is a Ukrainian citizen. Sincere condolences to the families of the victims. The crimes were committed with particular cynicism, on Holocaust Remembrance Day."

It is not known how the Queen's funeral will be organized.

Friday night's attack was the deadliest since August 2011, when 10 terrorists from Gaza's Popular Resistance Committees crossed into Israel near Eilat from Egypt's Sinai.

The attack on an Israeli vehicle included an anti-tank missile, a bomb detonated near a military post, a suicide attack and a shootout.

Six Israeli civilians, two Israeli security service personnel and five Egyptian soldiers were then killed.

In addition, 40 Israelis were wounded.

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