"Toey MyStyle",

a famous net idol, is depressed, igniting a smoke and extinguishing the car while


comes to see the corpse before she faints and cries.

At 7:30 p.m. on January 28, 2023, Lt. Lt. Kanphasut

Pornwattanasirikul, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Muang Chonburi Police Station

Was notified that there was a death inside a sedan parked in Soi Sukprayoon 1, Moo 9, Na Pa Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Province, so he rushed to investigate with the police investigating.

Muang Chonburi Police Station

And the rescue of the Thammarasameeerat Foundation found the body of Mr. Wissanu Srisuwan, 27 years old, or

"Toey MyStyle",

a famous net idol.

Lie dead in the driver's seat inside a white Mazda 3 sedan, with the back seat having a brazier and a bag of clothes and charcoal bags placed as well.

Later, Ms. Sakulrat Chansompong, 48 years old, Khun Toei's mother came to the scene of the accident.

When he saw the corpse, he immediately cried and fainted.

But I don't know which hospital to go to treatment.

As for the medicine that was taken, I had never seen it.

Had to check in the bedroom again.

But he used to say he owed a lot.

who do not know what the debt is from

From asking the villagers in that alley, it was revealed that the deceased had seen the car park since the morning.

and did not go out, but at 10 o'clock he still saw that the window was open and sitting in the car with the engine running

I didn't suspect anything because the car park didn't block the way back and forth.

Knowing again, he saw that it had been parked for a long time until it was dark and thought he was asleep.

So they went together to call

Shake the car but won't wake up

who opened the car and found that he was dead

However, the police will initially investigate the cause of death.

and asked to see images from CCTV again

But the mother said

Not addicted to the death of his son in any way.

Trust the stressed child.