Jolin Tsai (pictured left, right) took a photo with her sister on the forest trail, leading everyone to dance (pictured right).

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[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] "Jolin" Tsai went to Alishan to play with her mother and sister Cai Minwen and her family a few days ago, and also exposed the super dreamy infinity swimming pool, which made netizens quite envious. Cai Minwen released it in a limited-motion po yesterday The video of everyone dancing the "Mei Ding Mei Dang" dance is quite humorous.

Jolin Tsai (right) took a photo with her sister on the forest trail.

(reposted from IG)

Cai Minwen wrote: "Tomorrow the children will start school, and everyone will go to work. The whole Christmas + New Year's Eve + day tour + Spring Festival series of full-time activities will be ENDING at the dance steps of Meiding Meidang." Jolin Tsai took the lead, The charming dance steps of twisting the waist and swinging the hips seem to be quite satisfied with this spring trip.

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Jolin Tsai led everyone to dance.

(reposted from IG)

Jolin Tsai seems to like Alishan very much. He only visited Alishan the year before last, and he was holding the Shenmu with his friends. This time, he went to play again. He also took limited-movement continuous po photos a few days ago, including walking with his sister on the forest trail, taking a small train, and in the infinity pool. Appreciating beautiful photos such as sunrise and dawn, despite her low-key dress, she was still recognized by netizens along the way and captured her "wild" pictures.

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