Ruby Lin's 47th birthday, Huo Jianhua (right) carefully planned a surprise birthday party, and invited a balloon master (left) to decorate it.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Ruby Lin celebrated her 47th birthday on the 27th. Husband Huo Jianhua planned a birthday party and invited a balloon master to decorate it. He even took time to supervise the work. A warm gesture surprised the master.

The balloon maker interacted with Huo Jianhua on his personal Facebook, "I made the birthday decoration for Ruby Lin that day. Huo Jianhua gave my wife a surprise. I didn't expect to meet any artists. Halfway through, I saw a familiar face , it’s Huo Jianhua himself!”

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The master explained that his sister also came with the child that day, but the child fell asleep, Huo Jianhua actually said kindly to her: "Will the balloon be disturbing him, or you can push the stroller over there." , I will help you take care of children, I also have experience in taking care of children!"

Then the sister-in-law of the master blurted out and asked Huo Jianhua: "Can I take a photo with you?" He immediately agreed, and said: "I'll help you hold your phone, just hold the baby."

Seeing this scene, the master warmed up. He was pleasantly surprised that he had met many artists, but it was the first time he would help take care of children. "In short, I think good luck is coming this year."

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