Experts suggest that when returning to daily life after the Spring Festival holiday, remember to plan to avoid "post-holiday depression"; the picture is a photo of the situation, and the characters in the picture have nothing to do with this article.

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[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] The happy Spring Festival holiday is over, beware of "post-holiday depression"!

Ye Yaxin, director of the Mental Health Center of the Dong Foundation, said that if you are depressed because you have to face the pressure, people and things in your life, you should further examine the source and adjust it, which is the long-term solution; In the big plan of continuous holiday fun, return to the normal track can be included in the sub-plan, and at least one day of "light play" is reserved to adjust the body and mind, rather than "heavy play and special play" until the last moment, which will help to get in line with the routine line life.

Ye Yaxin explained that "post-holiday depression" refers to negative emotions after people go on vacation. Symptoms include vague anxiety, becoming more irritable, nostalgic, difficulty sleeping, general discomfort or restlessness, and may last for 2 weeks after returning from vacation. , and affect performance at work, school, or in relationships.

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Ye Yaxin mentioned that "post-holiday depression" may occur in two situations. One is that some people regard the vacation as "relief" and escape from the stressful people and things, but when the vacation is over and they want to return to their original position, There will be a kind of mourning.

In this case, it is recommended to examine the reasons for the stress caused by these people and things, such as whether you have too high or perfect requirements for promotion or interpersonal relationships, or what is going on with the annoying people, and think about adjustments. This is to really avoid emotions. A long-term solution that comes with time off changes.

As for the other kind, Ye Yaxin pointed out that it is purely the feeling of being too tired from playing and suddenly losing your temper.

If you have high expectations for the holiday, you will have fun during the process, but even if you travel, because you leave your original lifestyle, your body must adapt, and the satisfaction of diet and scenic spots will affect your mood. Therefore, for the body and mind, it is like doing something It is natural to feel tired when it comes to major events. When it is time to return to the normal track, it is inevitable that there will be psychological resistance, and even plan to ask for another leave.

Ye Yaxin mentioned that for this group of people, under the grand plan of the fun itinerary, the return to daily life can be included in the sub-plan, that is, how to play and how to return to life will be arranged. It is recommended to stay at least 1 day to adapt. I have already returned to my residence, and the itinerary is still stress-relieving, but it is no longer a crazy game, but try to be similar to the usual weekend activities when it is not a long holiday, such as taking a nap, watching dramas, exercising, etc., so that If the body is familiar with "it was originally done like this before", it can speed up the mind and work day.

Ye Yaxin also emphasized that if the "post-holiday depression" persists for up to 2 weeks and still cannot be improved, it is recommended to immediately seek the assistance of mental health professionals to help you regain your physical and mental health.

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