Chen Meian conducts "Brahms Hungarian Dance" impromptu.

(Provided by Gao City Hall)

[Reporter Huang Xulei/Kaohsiung Report] The newly opened Neiwei Art Center in Kaohsiung City launched the French sound field designer and acoustic creator Alan.

ALAIN FRANÇAIS' installation interactive work "LEARPRINT Inner-only Sound Experiment-65-channel Symphony Experience" attracted many musicians to experience it during the Spring Festival. Taiwan's internationally renowned conductor Chen Mei'an also specially visited it when he returned to his hometown for spring. Impromptu performances on site and interactive installations.

The 65-channel symphonic sound field plays "Wang Chunfeng".

(Provided by Kaohsiung City Government)

Chen Mei'an was born in Yancheng District. He is currently the chief conductor of the recreation Grosses Orchester Graz in Austria. He is the first Chinese conductor to enter the American professional orchestra and the first international conductor to win the Nicolai Malko The first prize of the competition is Asian and winning female. In 2015, he was selected as one of the 30 most influential figures in the music industry by Musical America magazine.

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Chen Mei'an feels the warmth of her hometown.

(Provided by Gaoshi Government)

Chen Meian returned to Taiwan during the Spring Festival to visit Neiwei Art Center with her sister and mother, and listened to 65 pure white and simple speaker ensembles such as "Wang Chunfeng" and "Brahms Hungarian Dance". Austria and the United States felt the warmth of their hometown, and were also shocked by the 65-channel symphony sound field, and performed impromptu interactive performances on the spot.

Li Yuling, director of the Kaohsiung Art Museum, said that Chen Mei'an showed an imposing command technique, closely following the cadence of the music with the sound of 65 speakers.

Kaohsiung City Vice Mayor Shi Zhe (2nd from left) introduced French Alain.

Feng Xie's 65-channel works.

(Photographed by reporter Huang Xulei) According to the Gaoshi government

, the Neiwei Art Center was opened in October last year, and was introduced by the deputy mayor of Kaohsiung, Shi Zhe, from France.

Feng Xie's work "LEARPRINT Inner-only Sound Experiment-65-channel Symphony Experience", each speaker is like a real performance of a separate musical instrument, with a unique spatial surround sound effect. During the Spring Festival, it has attracted Yang Zhiqin, the conductor of the Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra, Guo Zhecheng, the conductor of the Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, Li Meiwen, a professor of the Music Department of Sun Yat-sen University, and thousands of tourists felt the three-dimensional shock.

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