A road accident resulted in injuries to 3 people in Kurdamir.

According to the report of APA's local bureau, the incident was recorded on the part of the Kurdamir-Zardab road passing through Sovla village.

A "Hyundai Elantra" car collided with a "Hyundai Santafe" car.

As a result, members of a family in "Hyundai Elantra", residents of Agjabadi district - the driver, daughter Aliyeva Gunel Abulfaz, born in 1989, and her children, daughters Aliyeva Asina, born in 2008 and Aliyeva Maryam Gulu, born in 2004, received various degrees of physical injuries. they bought

The injured were taken to Kurdemir District Central Hospital and were taken under medical supervision.

The fact is being investigated.