UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres released a video message on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

According to the information provided to APA by the UN Delegation in Azerbaijan, the application states:

"Today, we honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. We have not forgotten the six million Jewish children, women and men who were murdered, as well as the representatives of the Roma and Sinti peoples, people with disabilities and others.

We think of the millions of people whose lives were cut short and whose futures were taken away from them .


In commemorating the loss of so many lives, we acknowledge that the Holocaust was not inevitable.

No genocide was inevitable.

It was the culmination of millennia of anti-Semitic hatred.

The only reason the Nazis were able to go from discriminating against European Jews with calculated brutality to murdering them was because so few people protested, and so many were indifferent.

It was the deafening silence - both at home and abroad - that encouraged them.

The alarm was sounded from the very beginning.

Hate speech and misinformation.

Disrespect for human rights and the rule of law.

Conversations about promotion of violence and racial supremacy.

Hatred of democracy and diversity.

As we remember the Holocaust, we must not forget the threats to freedom, dignity, and humanity that continue today.

Today—in the face of growing discontent over economic and political instability, the increased threat of terrorism by racial supremacy, and the proliferation of hatred and religious fanaticism—we must be more determined than ever.

We must never forget the Holocaust, and we must never allow others to forget, deny and distort it.

Today and every day, let us resolve to never again remain silent in the face of evil – and to always defend the dignity and rights of all.

Today and every day, let us decide not to remain silent in the face of adversity and to always protect the dignity and rights of everyone.

Thank you".