Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle) have been talking about it since they announced their withdrawal from the ranks of senior members of the British royal family in 2019 and moved to California, USA.

Although the two believe that leaving the royal family is a "forced" choice, and they will release goodwill messages of hope for reconciliation with the royal family in interviews from time to time, but from the Netflix documentary series "Prince Harry and Meghan" released at the end of last year, New Year's Eve The series of devastating revelations in the original Prince Harry's personal autobiography "Backup" is really comparable to the dog blood at eight o'clock. Not only is it difficult to see that the two have good intentions for reconciliation, but it also makes the relationship between the two worse!

Harry and Meghan revealed a lot of royal secrets in "Prince Harry and Meghan".

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Meghan flew to the branch and thought that she was very wronged.

The British royal family can be said to be the most well-known "first family" in the world, but it seems that this is not the case for Meghan Markle before she got married!

Although not everyone can understand the red tape of the royal family, she shared that when she first met Queen Elizabeth, she thought it was ridiculous to "curtsy" and that when she first met her brother and sister-in-law, she just dressed casually Home clothes and so on, not only it is difficult to leave a good impression on people, but also to the point of being a bit "white-eyed".

In addition, Meghan's friend also stated in the documentary that she had an enviable job and a happy life before marriage. All of this was changed because she married Prince Harry and entered the royal family, which also made many netizens Thinking that "before getting married, even a B cafe is not considered a first-line actress", "I thought Meghan was a member of the royal family", and she was so upset that she married into a wealthy family and was "too salivating", which is super unpleasant.

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Hame believes that from the moment the two got married, there was a war against Meghan in the royal family.

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Meghan Markle reveals her disbelief at having to 'curtsy' to the Queen in documentary

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Ignore royal family traditions and love

whatever you want. Meghan Markle mentioned in the documentary that after she married into the royal family, in order not to take away the demeanor of the queen and other royal family members, she was required to wear clothes that must not be ostentatious. She even revealed that her clothes at the time were almost They are all based on soft tones such as beige and earth tones, and they only want to be low-key and meet the requirements of royal family members.

However, Meghan seems to have forgotten that she was photographed by the media in public and public events before leaving the UK. In addition to being slapped in the face by many netizens, she has gone through more than one round of bright colors such as red, purple, and green. He is the guest editor of the "VOGUE" edition, and collaborated with charity groups to launch his own fashion series, and was named the first fashion figure of the year by the fashion data website Lyst because of "what to wear and what to wear"!

It's really not as low-key as she thinks.

Meghan Markle tried a lot of bright colors before leaving the UK.

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Dragging brother and sister-in-law into the water, even the three cute babies are not let

go "Brother and sister-in-law Shi didn't think there was a problem at all, and they didn't see the two helping to put out the fire when something happened, sowing the seeds of the brother's breakup.

On the other hand, in his personal autobiography, he even believed that his wife Meghan Markle was targeted by her sister-in-law Princess Kate before she married into the royal family. The story of asking a tailor to remake all the flower girl clothes, which caused Megan to "cry and fall to the ground" because of her grievances.

Although it is really unnecessary to make a family quarrel over a piece of clothing, in fact, Ha Mei mentioned this incident more than once in previous interviews, obviously for the sake of selling books.

When Prince Harry was interviewed for the new book, he said that he was worried that George, Charlotte and Louise would be reduced to "spare" in the future like himself, which made many royal fans shake their heads and say "please sir Just take care of yourself."

Prince Harry revealed in the book that Meghan Markle and sister-in-law Princess Kate are almost in a relationship.

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Prince Harry has revealed his worries about the three Wecky children.

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One of the reasons why Harry and Meghan

resolutely decided to withdraw from the ranks of senior members of the British royal family at first was that they felt that their privacy was not protected, and they lost their mother forever because of the media's pursuit of cars when they were young As far as Prince Harry is concerned, the excessive media attention is even more difficult for him not to think of past tragedies.

However, after the two left the royal family, they not only moved to Los Angeles, the United States, which is considered to have the "highest paparazzi density". The two don't really care about privacy, but want to rely on privacy to earn ratings and gain favor!

Ha Mei used to be very concerned about the privacy of his son and daughter, but he showed his son's growth process in the documentary.

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Resolutely not "abdicating the throne" means wanting titles

Although Harry and Meghan voluntarily resigned from the ranks of senior members of the royal family, it was reported earlier that he was surprised by the Queen's withdrawal of all his honorary titles when he left the UK. When promoting the new book, the well-known anchor Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper) interviewed "Why don't you give up the title of Duke and Duchess?", and even asked the other party directly, "What difference will it make?" It seems that even if you don't need to bear the burden The responsibilities and obligations of members of the royal family, and giving up the title has never been an option for him.

However, this attitude of "just wanting to share joys and sorrows" also made his popularity in the UK hit a new low, and many people think that Charles III does not need to take into account the relationship between father and son at all, and should directly remove their titles .

In an exclusive interview with well-known media personality Anderson Cooper for the new book, Prince Harry revealed that he never intends to give up the title.

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