[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Veteran opera actor Lian Mingyue passed away on the 16th due to hydrops in the heart, at the age of 70. The farewell ceremony was held today (27th) in the Chongren Hall of Banqiao Funeral Home in New Taipei City. Lin Meizhao appeared to send her friend the last Cheng, she was so choked up in the interview that she couldn't speak, and shouted: "My heart hurts, it's hard to accept."

Lian Mingyue's farewell ceremony, from left are Yang Huaimin, Lin Meizhao, Ye Qing, Di Mei.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

Lin Meizhao said that Lian Mingyue and Lian Mingyue have known each other since childhood, "We have been friends for nearly 50 years. She will join Yeh Ching's Gezai Opera, which is also recommended by me. We have too many beautiful and unforgettable memories. She will always be a happy fruit. With her Where we are always laughing, we will never stand in the cold. I hope she is safe and well, and her life has been rough enough, and I hope she can be a happy angel.” When it came to the excitement, she cried so much that she couldn’t stand still and had to be supported by others.

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Yang Huaimin and Lian Mingyue have worked together for many years. In recent years, the two have been busy with each other, and they have hardly seen each other. The last time I saw Lian Mingyue was more than 20 years ago during "Qin Huai Misty Rain". He praised Lian Mingyue as everyone's happy fruit, "She She’s a sneer, she doesn’t even laugh when she tells jokes, everyone falls to the ground with laughter, and she still holds her eyes and says, “Okay, I’ll get wrinkles.” She really has this ability, although she didn’t read it. What kind of book, but you are born with the ability to tell stories, you can not add commas at all, speak clearly, with movements and expressions, I did not expect to be in such a state. I hope the child will be successful in all aspects, so she can rest assured that she will not I have concerns, I hope she will have a good journey, she really loves beauty, and I hope to be a fairy in the sky when she reaches the sky."

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