Jiang Hongjie took advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to recharge his batteries.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end. Some people have seized the opportunity to travel, but some have already started work. Jiang Hongjie is wearing a festive outfit, and there is also a T-shirt with a rabbit pattern on the protagonist of the Year of the Rabbit. I wish everyone a happy new year!

And Jiang Hongjie's ex-wife Fukuhara Ai, because she couldn't remember the bittersweet chocolate taste in Switzerland in the past, decided to make it by herself.

Jiang Hongjie's photo was blurry, and he was laughed at and called "huo".

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Jiang Hongjie said that to seize the last vacation, "It's been hard work, come on!"

Some netizens wished him "Hong (red) luck", but seeing that one of the photos he shared was blurry, the netizens laughed and said, "It's so handsome!" Wen Yufei of "All Star" joked: "The last Zhang Hu!" Jiang Hongjie also responded: "Hu!"

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Ai Fukuhara (front row left) has unforgettable moments of participating in the competition.

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Ai Fukuhara tried to make orange chocolate by herself.

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On the other hand, Ai Fukuhara recently tried to make orange chocolate chips by herself. She said: "The chocolate I ate when I went to Switzerland was so delicious, I really can't forget it. I made it myself and used 75% chocolate. Because the tangerine itself has been pickled in sugar, it is very simple and delicious." As the Japanese table tennis championship started, she also shouted: "Everyone, come on."

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