It seems that in the second season of the series

"And just like that...

" on the character of

Sarah Jessica Parker

, we will see a lot of vintage images, as well as not promoted brands.

This is confirmed by one of the extreme bows of the actress, which she wore for filming a new episode.

On the street in New York, Parker was spotted in a light vintage coat with a floral pattern, which the costume designers of the series clearly bought at the French store Vintage Clothing Chez Sarah, perhaps the same place where they also bought a Giorgio Sant'Angelo dress with a striped bodice and pleated skirt, and also decor in the form of wooden beads.

The actress completed the look with a pair of rather unusual brown ankle boots with slits, a necklace from ethical jewelry designer Emily P Wheeler and a pink shoulder bag with an interesting pleated design from the brand Ximena Kavalekas.

Sarah Jessica Parker / Photo: Getty Images

The cost of the bag, like Parker's, is not small and is 980 dollars on the brand's official website.

Sarah Jessica Parker bag

Whether costumers want to show an example of more conscious consumption in this way or simply follow fashion is not yet clear, but this is not the first and certainly not the last vintage bow from the star.

Parker was also recently spotted on set in a couple of completely upcycled vintage pieces — an

aviator jumpsuit

and a

vintage wedding dress

she turned into  a jumpsuit.

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