For those who love Korean girl groups, last year must have been a very exciting year. All members of the popular girl group TWICE renewed their contracts and released a new mini-album "BETWEEN1&2"; Returned and launched a series of global tours; the female idol group IVE created by STARSHIP Entertainment made its official debut in just one year, and immediately dominated the charts in many Korean music shows, and its popularity is extremely hot; last year, it was created by BTS BTS agency HYBE, New Jeans, a new-generation girl group with an average age of about 16, was invited to attend Chanel brand events as soon as they debuted. With their beautiful faces of exquisite mixed race and full of personality, they are full of topics.

The nine members of TWICE lined up, Tzuyu stood at the C position, showing a pair of invincible long legs.


popular girl group TWICE returns with a new mini-album "BETWEEN 1&2". A series of concept photos have been exposed, which has aroused a lot of discussion, especially after the renewal of the contract of Taiwanese member Zhou Ziyu, finally stood in the C position, with various styles Appearing in front of fans, Tzuyu’s appearance alone includes a handsome and neat female spy, a vest and short skirt with big and slender legs, a college hot girl style, and a super cute retro thick bangs girl head, and wearing a Chanel blue high Collared cropped top with hot pants, every look is beautiful!

All members of TWICE appeared in retro styles.

TWICE's fashion blockbuster for the US version of "Cosmopolitan".

Tzuyu wore a lace top with a pink waistcoat, which shocked netizens.

Zhou Ziyu turned into a blonde hottie style.


The South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, who will be going on a global tour in Kaohsiung in March, officially reunited in August last year after nearly two years, making fans super excited!

With the release of the second official album "BORN PINK", the four members Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé appeared in various new styles, with big breasts, ant waist, and straight legs. Each wave of image photos released has aroused enthusiasm Discussion, hot fans' attention.

BLACKPINK is back with a new album, showing hollowed-out chests, slender waists, and beautiful legs.

The four members of BLACKPINK have changeable styles and sweet personalities.

Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé show off their fat-free bodies.

IVE, a female idol group launched by #IVE

STARSHIP Entertainment, officially debuted in December 2021. It is composed of six members, Gaeul, Ahn Yujin, Rei, Zhang Yuanying, Liz and Leeseo. Multiple champions of Korean music shows, the popularity is so hot!

Among them, the popular member Zhang Yuanying has become the focus of the topic with his exquisite face and "12-headed body" ratio since his debut. Not only does he span the host, he also grabs endorsements with all his hands, and he also brings prosperity to IVE, becoming a highly anticipated new girl group.

The six members of IVE are invincible with long legs.

A youthful and sexy dress with a big slender waist and honey thighs.

#New Jeans

Korean popular group BTS BTS agency HYBE launched a new girl group "New Jeans" in July last year, consisting of three Korean members Minji, Haerin, Hyein, a Vietnamese-Australian dual member Hanni, and a Formed by Danielle, a member of both Korean and Australian nationality.

"New Jeans" means that you will not get tired of wearing new jeans, and it also means "New Genes". It refers to a group that ushers in a new generation of pop music. The average age of the members is only 16 years old. It is considered to be able to lead the trend The new generation popular girl group.

The average age is about 16 years old New Jeans, a new generation girl group.

New Jeans got a lot of fashion resources as soon as it debuted.

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