As soon as Kate became the wife of Prince William and began to fulfill her duties as a member of the royal family, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh gave her advice.

A rule that Queen Elizabeth II always followed and that Philip himself was obviously proud of.

The Princess of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Getty Images

He said: "If you think the attention is on you personally, you're in trouble. All the attention is on the role you play, on your work, not on you as a person. You're not a celebrity. Don't look at the camera. The Queen never look at the camera. Look at the people you're talking to. You represent the royal family," quoted the Duke as saying.

After many years of working at the Firm, the Princess of Wales has learned this rule well and uses it constantly.

She almost never looks at the camera when she is photographed like Princess Diana or Meghan Markle did.

All her work is focused on events and people.

Historian Chandrika Kaul says: "Kate epitomizes the adage 'never complain, never explain' just as the Queen did during her successful and long reign."

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and the Princess of Wales / Photo: Associated Press

It should be noted that one day Prince William must ascend the throne, and his wife will have the opportunity to become queen, and she has been preparing for this role for many years.

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