Rights defenders know the name of another victim of the so-called "four-year-old"

Yuriy Komar


By them

Dmytri Lahutsenko became a resident

of Ragachov


During the conversation, he asked the Ukrainians for weapons, and to Komar's question, "Are you going to kill the goats?", he answered "Yes."

Dmitriy was detained together with his friend - white-red-white flags were put on their heads, and then they were forced to wash the floor with them.

This is not the first arrest after Komar's provocations in chat-roulette.

Earlier, pro-government Telegram channels reported the detention of

Vitaly Palavinsky, a post-graduate student of the Moscow State University named after Kulyashov, Danyla


, an 18-year-old student of the BSU Business Institute


Vadim Shafranskyi

, and

Vitaly Lobach


There is no information yet on what exactly threatens all the detainees.

  • 41-year-old Komar is registered in Mazyr, works as a truck driver.

    As "Nasha Niva" wrote at the beginning of 2023, after Komar's provocations, 4 people were detained and beaten, criminal cases were opened against all of them.

    Now there are even more detainees.