create a surprise for the fans quite a bit

When the agency of the female idol group BNK48 announced the appointment of

Cherprang Areekul,

the leader of the band, became the new band manager.

Ready to reveal the feeling of being appointed to receive a new role this time

What was your duty as a captain before?

“We are in charge of bringing the youngsters to practice. We are the oldest in the band right now.

Which we will take care of the overall picture, orderliness, leading the youngsters to practice, which we take care of the youngest, who is over 10 years old, is considered difficult.

Like from junior high school to university, when talking at the same time, how to communicate?

We have to talk slowly and compose the story so that he must be rational.

like in a school with a student council president

Head of the room like that."

Some people who are out of contract and go out to grow in what areas?

"both actors

And then have their own camp, take care of themselves, some are influencers.

Some people aim to be singers.

But in any case, they are still BNK48 as before, because without them they would not exist today either.

Came into the band at the age of 20, where did you study?

"At first we were studying at Mahidol, year 2, where we graduated with second class honors, but secretly regretted waiting a little longer to get first class honors.

We graduated from the international faculty

majoring in science

which is now graduated"

How do you use what you have learned?

"I haven't used it.

But what will happen in the future, we do not know.

We think that the principles of scientific research make us feel that we have experimented and made hypotheses.

Because being in BNK48 is about wanting to know how idols work and what they experience.

How to make the house accept

Because studying and working together?

“Called to be a person who is already quite high in responsibility.

I told him that I would finish my studies on time.

and definitely won't drop

and will do both as well as before

which at first the family did not understand

We are stubborn.

But in the end it shows that we are good at both.

which we finished one semester late.”

Study hard, work hard?

“At that time fortune cookies were very popular.

After that, it's been a long time, so it makes us feel like we've worked so hard, isn't it our age?

I used to think about turning away as well.

Because singing and dancing I have no knowledge at all.

But you have to try and change yourself, do your best.”

Want to continue studying?

"I want to continue studying.

But when I really came to work in this part

So I thought

No, science will not be a research professor like that.

But maybe some sort of care management.”

I have been here for 6 years. What does BNK give?

"Experience all aspects of life

Like natural aptitude, we may be managing, taking care of, coordinating things.

Since I'm going to continue studying in the field of management, but I have to wait.

because now I have the opportunity to work with direct experience

And we also received additional duties and opportunities.

which now we have received the position of band manager

What does the band manager have to do?

"He's been a communicator for the band since he was captain.

But now it's coming up more, it's more clear.

Including coming to take care of the management and development of artists, namely the younger members of the band BNK48, arrange teaching schedules, coordinate with dance teachers, singing teachers and various teams.

Who will go where, what events, how to perform duties and responsibilities that must come to talk with "

Is it pressure?

"Is there enough pressure?

We didn't feel that there was a lot of work so we didn't know where our reputation was.

Currently, I still do my best as I have always done.

As for whether it's popular or not, at least every day will do its best.

focus on the work that comes out".