[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Interview] The Year of the Golden Rabbit is coming, and the most beautiful flight attendant Lin Peiyao brought her super cute lop-eared lion rabbit "Qiqi" to celebrate the New Year. She loves her "baby son" very much. She shared her New Year's wishes and couldn't help laughing Said: "Good health and wealth are very practical wishes. Isn't life the pursuit of money and health?"

Lin Peiyao is happy to be a Hakka, and she agrees with her husband not to have children.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Lin Peiyao and her husband Wu Junjie, a famous chef, have been married for more than 3 years. The couple agreed that they would not have children. Immediately after marriage, they raised a cute lop-eared lion rabbit "Qiqi" to accompany them. She said: "My husband actually asked me to keep a pet. Now my family lives in a relatively small place, and I was afraid that there would not be enough space for cats and dogs, so I met Kiki at the pet store." I enjoy being a "mother" and taking care of my son Rabbit.

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Lin Peiyao brought the lop-eared lion rabbit "Qiqi" to celebrate the New Year.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Lin Peiyao said with a smile: "My thoughts have not changed. Now Qiqi is enough. I have no plans to have children for the time being. Qiqi's name is inspired by the name of my husband's restaurant, Luigi." In fact, this is Lin Peiyao's first This is the first time I raised a pet rabbit, and I also joined the Rabbit Love Association to do my homework, hoping to give Qiqi the best care.

Lin Peiyao prepared her own leash, and often went out to ride rabbits.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

She said: "I used to have a stereotype that rabbits were smelly and dirty, but later I discovered that rabbits should not be fed excessive carrots and vegetable leaves, because too much water will cause rabbits to have diarrhea." It may also cause stink.

Lin Peiyao usually feeds Kiki's dry pasture and nutritional supplements, and the food expenses are also staggering. She said: "I mainly feed Timothy grass, one meal in the morning and one meal in the evening, Kiki's monthly amount, plus hair cream, Fresh fruit probably costs over NT$3,000, and my husband would joke that Kiki’s food expenses are even more expensive than his net worth.” Even in summer, he would turn on the air conditioner for Kiki when he went out, and he only loves rabbits. Relentless.

Lin Peiyao loves Qiqi very much and treats rabbits relentlessly.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Lin Peiyao has a lot of experience in taking care of pet rabbits. She said with a smile that Qiqi is a male rabbit. Before she was neutered, she also had a rebellious period. Peeing, it feels like Qiqi is throwing a temper tantrum, or maybe deliberately occupying space."

Interestingly, Qiqi loves Lin Peiyao so much, so every time she urinates, she chooses to pee on the quilt her husband sleeps on. There is hostility, my husband likes to use his face to stick to Kiki and act like a baby, he was attacked once, and his nose bleeds on the spot, but he never does it to me.”

Lin Peiyao, who debuted on a talent show, resigned from her job as a flight attendant and transformed into an artist. She loves beauty and maintenance. She often organizes groups to recommend products that are useful to fans. Cargo Queen".

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