Gao Minmin pointed out that indigestible starches can easily cause stomach pains in children, such as rice cakes, fried rice, eight-treasure rice, etc., and the portion size should be reduced.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Children like Chinese New Year the most, because they can eat different foods more freely than usual. However, after the Spring Festival, many children have stomach pains.

The nutritionist pointed out that some foods are not easy to digest and can easily cause stomach pains for children, such as fried rice, eight-treasure rice, processed foods, etc. Mothers are advised to pay more attention when preparing food in the future.

Nutritionist Gao Minmin posted on the Facebook fan page "Gao Minmin Nutritionist" that when parents prepare food for the New Year, they often think about "Can children eat it?" Choose prototype foods, and try to feed your children non-fried, less seasoned foods at zero time, and control the portion size.

She also categorizes the following foods, stop watching and listening to Chinese New Year food in order to stay healthy after Chinese New Year.

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Red Light District: try not to eat

●Staple food: Indigestible starch, such as rice cake, fried rice, eight-treasure rice, etc.

●Beans, eggs, fish and meat: Eat less processed foods, such as bacon, bacon, sausages, processed hot pot ingredients, dried pork, and beef jerky.

●Beverages: Do not drink sugary drinks or carbonated drinks.

●Snacks: Try not to eat fried rice cakes/rice cakes, mochi, and various candies.

Yellow light district: eat less

●Staple food: fried rice, fried rice cakes, fried radish cakes.

●Beans, eggs, fish and meat: Eat less high-fat foods, such as hooves, three-layer meat, offal, fried, and fried foods.

●Drinks: lactic acid drinks, blended fruit juices, flavored milk, sports drinks.

●Snacks: shredded squid, seaweed, nuts.

Green light zone: Appropriate amount is enough

●Staple food: rice with whole grains, boiled corn, steamed radish cake, taro, pumpkin, sweet potato, porridge.

●Beans, eggs, fish and meat: Prototype ingredients are recommended, such as tofu, dried tofu, stewed chicken, and steamed fish.

●Beverages: water, freshly squeezed fruit juice (without filtering residue), yogurt, fresh milk, long-lasting milk, sugar-free soy milk.

●Snacks: fruit, tofu curd, yogurt, grass jelly.

Nutritionist Gao Minmin.

(Provided by Gao Minmin)

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