The doctor pointed out that the inflammation of the brevis extensor muscles is a common foot and back pain. When walking on uneven ground for too long or with poor shoes, there will be inflammation and pain; the situation is shown.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] I went out to walk and climb mountains during the holidays, but why did the back of my feet hurt?

Physicians pointed out that inflammation of the extensor brevis muscles is a common foot and back pain. It is caused by walking for a long time or poor shoes. It can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, equipment, shock waves, etc., or stretching the brevis muscles to help relieve symptoms. .

Li Yanyu, director of Renyi Boai Rehabilitation Clinic, posted on his Facebook fan page "Dr. Li Yanyu's Rehabilitation Chat Room" that some patients had been suffering from pain in the back of their feet after climbing the mountain last week. , but after walking too much to work, the pain was unbearable.

According to the doctor's evaluation, this is the injury of the extensor toes brevis, which is caused by walking on a rough mountain road and not stretching and relaxing.

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Li Yanyu pointed out that inflammation of the extensor brevis is a common form of back pain. The extensor brevis is located on the dorsum of the foot near the front of the lateral malleolus. When walking on uneven ground (hiking, mountain climbing) for a long time or with bad shoes, there will be inflammation and pain In some cases, general clinical diagnosis can be used for diagnosis.

He also pointed out that treatment methods include anti-inflammatory drugs, instrument therapy, manual therapy, shock waves, general therapy, etc.

In addition, it is recommended to choose a better fit when choosing hiking shoes, match them with thick socks and tie the shoelaces tightly, and stretch after climbing the mountain to help soothe the muscles.

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Extensor digitorum brevis stretching exercise.

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Stretching of the extensor digitorum brevis: in a posture of tilting the feet, fix the ankle with one hand, and bend the toes toward the sole of the foot with the other hand until the tension stops for 15 seconds, repeat 5 times.

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