Taiwanese young composer Hsieh Huiru won the gold medal in the "original" category and the "ethnic music" category in the fourth quarter of the 2022 Vivaldi International Music Competition in Italy with his composition "Impression of the Kite" commissioned by the Chiayi National Orchestra.

(Provided by Chiayi National Orchestra)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Chiayi Report] Taiwan young composer Hui-Ju Hannah Hsieh commissioned by the Chiayi Traditional Orchestra (CTO) to compose "Impression of Kite" (https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=yryt8Gjow2I) to participate in the fourth season of the 2022 Vivaldi International Music Competition in Italy. Category Gold Award 2 major awards.

The Chiayi National Orchestra commissioned Taiwanese young composer Xie Huiru to compose "Impression of Kite", which is the theme song of the water concert of the Tai Po Arts Festival.

(Provided by Chiayi National Orchestra)

Chiayi National Orchestra Lu Yiyun said that the founding concept of the group is "local connection". In recent years, under the opportunity of actively promoting localization, in 2021, Xie Huiru and the administrative team went to Zengwen Reservoir, Dapu Township, Chiayi County to conduct field research, looking for "impression" Yuanming" creative inspiration.

"Impression Yuanming" will be presented at the closing concert of the "2022 Chiayi Chinese Music Festival" "Two Ends Under the Time Tunnel V-" in September 2022 by guest conductor Li Ying and Chiayi National Orchestra in the Auditorium of Chiayi County Performing Arts Center , and was the theme song for the water concert "Sound" of the 2nd Tai Po Arts Festival in October.

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The Chiayi National Orchestra is committed to promoting local connections.

(Provided by Chiayi National Orchestra)

Lu Yiyun said.

I am very glad that the creation of Taiwanese composers has won an international award. This year, the Chiayi National Orchestra will continue to cultivate the local area, produce sounds that belong to Chiayi, and start from Chiayi to stream the sounds and cultures of different fields.

The orchestra is currently recruiting members and full-time art administrators. Those who are interested can refer to the Chiayi Traditional Orchestra Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/ChiayiTraditionalOrchestra).

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