GB News' Mark Dolan asked Ken Whorf, who worked as the late Princess of Wales's personal bodyguard between 1988 and 1993, whether he thought Meghan Markle had brainwashed Prince Harry.

To which Worf replied:

"Well, I think when you look at the wedding and the public events that followed her — the Nottingham event and the London event — she (Meghan) is a consummate actress, a consummate performer.

"You could see the look in Harry's eyes saying, 'Hey, look what I've got, it's amazing,' but where did it all go? I think there's something wrong with this relationship," the man said, according to express.

Meghan and Harry / Photo: Associated Press

The bodyguard said that Prince Harry looked happy today.

He made this conclusion after a series of interviews that the prince gave after the release of his memoirs.

"He looked quite confident, he had a good teacher for the last three or four years. However, if you look at him before his marriage, Harry was a joker. The most popular member of the royal family. Even more popular at the time than the late Her Majesty the Queen .Then all of a sudden his popularity and her (Meghan's) popularity plummeted to a level I don't think anyone could have imagined.

Meghan and Harry / Photo: Getty Images

Also in the conversation, Dolan asked the bodyguard, who started working for the Princess of Wales when Harry was three and William was five, if he thinks Harry is really uncomfortable in the role of backup?

To which the guard replied, "I don't think he had a problem with that. Why would he have a problem with that? From day one, Harry and William knew who they were and knew their role in the Firm."

He recalled the time when the two young princes were arguing in the back seat of the car while Diana was driving, and Harry leaned over to William and said, "That's fine with you, you'll be king one day and I won't be."

So I can do what I want.

"The thing is, that's exactly what he did," Worf added.

Meghan and Harry / Photo: Associated Press

We will remind, in his memoirs, called "Spare", Prince Harry talked about how difficult it was for him to live in second roles in the royal family.

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