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We have bad news for all the single men (and why not women) - all three graces of Alpha Music are apparently married, writes the Vbox7 channel.

This was also hinted at by Simona, who was asked if the man next to her should be rich or famous.

She decided to be modest and answered "respectable".

However, whether Simona is engaged was never made clear - something that no longer surprises us.

The singers on the label are extremely secretive when it comes to their love lives.

Lydia showed the kitten lovingly, provoked sinful thoughts

Meanwhile, a new photo appeared on Simona's profile, with which the young singer once again proved that she is not a fan of bras. 

Check out this Instagram post.

A post shared by @simona_alphamusic

We're blushing a little reading the comments below the photo, so you can imagine what kind of tanned types we're talking about.

As for Simone's more normal fans, they are certainly expecting new projects from her.

The latter didn't garner much interest, but the label she's currently in has a few new names waiting in line for their first song.