Republic Day 2023 Wishes: Send messages that make everyone proud. 

special things

  • Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January.

  • The constitution came into force on this day in 1950.

  • It is a proud day for every Indian.

Republic Day 2023:

India celebrates its Republic Day every year on 26 January.

This is the day when India implemented its constitution in 1950.

Republic Day is a day filled with pride for every Indian.

This day is a national holiday.

Every year the Republic Day Parade takes place from Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Tableaux from all over the country become a part of the parade, children from schools come and perform folk dances and increase the pride of the country.

Here such greeting messages are being given by sending which you can congratulate your friends, relatives and acquaintances on Republic Day. 

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Republic Day Wishes Messages |

Republic Day Wishes 

Let 's wake ourselves up again, let's spin

the stick of discipline again,

remember the sacrifice of those bravehearts

because of whom we enjoy Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day! 

No one should ask what is our story,

our identity is that we are Indians. 

Happy Republic Day! 

The pride of the country is due

to the patriots only, the respect of the country is due to the patriots,

we are the flowers of that country, friends ,

whose name is Hindustan.

Happy Republic Day! 

 After a long struggle,

finally the city of freedom has been

found, today it is our republic, our constitution

Happy Republic Day! 

Salute this tricolor,

which is your pride and glory,

always keep your head high 

as long as you have life in it.

Happy Republic Day! 

Unity in diversity is our pride, that

's why my India is great.

Happy Republic Day! 

Bharat Mata, your story,

your pride is the highest

, we bow our heads in front of you,

we all respect you.

Happy Republic Day! 

Our India is better than all the world,

we are bubbles of it, this Gulistan is ours. 

Happy Republic Day! 

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