The Chief of the Katavi Region, Mwanamvua Mrindoko, has instructed the district heads in the region to remove all citizens who invaded unauthorized areas for humanitarian activities, in order to continue taking care of the region's environment.

He said this at the implementation of the strategic plan for cleanliness and environmental care held in the Main Market area of ​​Mpanda Municipality.

He has asked the citizens of Katavi Region, leaders as well as employees to cooperate well in the matter of environmental care, including keeping the environment in a clean state.

He has also instructed the district heads to manage the cleanliness of the main roads, to ensure that the canals do not get blocked and other infrastructures are not affected.

"This order has been issued by the Vice President and I emphasize here, the main road has become an area that is very forgotten, if you pass by, you travel or go from one village to another in the middle where there is no village, neighborhood or residence, you find plastic bottles full there, when we eat corn we throw straws and its leaves and dirt of all kinds, take care of that," he said.

Earlier, reading the information on the implementation of the strategic plan for cleanliness and environmental protection in the Municipality of Mpanda, the Acting Health Officer of the Municipality, Elizabeth Kakusa said that the council continues to implement the national strategy to preserve the environment of land and water sources by participating in tree planting campaigns of the National Tree Planting and World Environment Day.

"This is to ensure that the goal of planting and taking care of trees is successful, also to ensure that tree planting is sustainable, the Council is involving the existing environmental groups in the city to provide motivation for planting trees and preserving the environment," said Elizabeth.