"Losing the word love" was the last song that caused him to lose in the competition, entering the final 8 of The Star 10 years ago.

turned into a deep wound

under his consciousness all along

In the final 15-minute mini-concert, he brought "Losing the word Rak" to sing as the first song.

before being followed by a song that he was voted to sing by the artist Potato

"Can't stand the poison of wounds"

and end with

"Only misses" where he creates a wonderful miracle by lifting a beautiful piano and placing it majestically vibrating on the stage.

Then show, play, sing along with the starlight dazzling the stage as a farewell song

Everything in the final show that James named "Ten Years After" (10 Years After)

"James-Jettaphon Kanitthachat", a brave mangpong phichik, 28 years old, Bachelor of Music, Mahidol University, stepping up to a great victory in life.

with perseverance

Patience finally succeeded.

On Sunday night, January 22, 2023 at 8:10 p.m.

old failures of life must

His "lose win" today.

It was a “perfect” victory in every way.

It was the most beautiful and glorious victory.

Be the perfect, most graceful “The First Star”

Ever since The Star was born in Thailand

Elegant in appearance, appearance, personality, intellect, maturity and every thought structure.

It is extremely difficult to find any competitors to compare with.

He will advance to

"Personal Artists & Actors" at Channel One who gave birth to cut the umbilical cord

will be filled with endless pride


Overwhelmed with joy at James' victory

Krirk Kla Genius

Beauty, elegance, bless the heart forever.

"Dr. Sathtanik Julmanee"