In fact, cacti are probably the easiest indoor flowers to grow.

For a cactus to feel good, it does not need much: a pot that drains and rare watering.

There are many types of cacti for beginners, from which you can choose the one that will be interesting for you.

Cacti, which do not require special care, are ideal for common use in rooms and even for office spaces.

Gardening know how tells how to choose a cactus and how to care for it.

Choosing a cactus for beginners

Even if you think you have no gardening skills, you can successfully grow a simple cactus.

Beginner cacti come in a variety of sizes and shapes, some of which have amazing flowers, as in the case of grafted varieties.

They just need the right light and container to do well without much care from you.

There are both tropical and desert types of cacti.

The one you choose will depend on the growing conditions.

If you live in a room with insufficient natural light, choose a tropical specimen.

If you have a nice sunny window and low humidity, choose a desert look.

It is easier to choose a cactus that is suitable for your growing conditions than to change those growing conditions.

However, if you don't have enough bright light, you can always use a phyto lamp.

Using a dehumidifier can help reduce the humidity in the environment.

But, agree, it will be much easier to just choose the right cactus for your conditions.

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Types of cacti for beginners

Within each genus of cacti there are many varieties of species and subspecies to choose from.

Try growing


, a large genus of plants with particularly easy care and cute little forms.

They like bright light, well-draining soil and watering when the soil is dry.

Other genera that are ideal for beginning growers include:

  • Echinopsis

  • Rebutia

  • Euphorbia

  • Astrophytum

  • Cereus

  • Ferocactus

  • Opuntia

  • Gymnocalycium

How to care for cacti

Regardless of whether you choose a desert or tropical variety, they are all sensitive to waterlogging.

Therefore, the main rules for caring for cacti relate to watering control:

  • Do not allow moisture to accumulate under the roots in a shallow container.

  • Use a good draining soil that will help remove moisture.

  • Water the plant when it feels dry to the touch, and cut watering in half in winter.

  • Give most cacti bright light, except for tropical species that need diffused light.

  • Feed in the spring with a good cactus fertilizer.

With a little more care, these types of cacti will not only grow well, but will also begin to bloom.

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