Where and when will the coronation of King Charles

III take place

King Charles III / Photo: Associated Press

In October 2022, Buckingham Palace announced that the coronation of King Charles would take place on 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey.

It was previously thought that Charles would choose a date for the ceremony in June, the month in which his mother, Elizabeth II, was crowned (June 2, 1953).

But the king chose May 6, which is also the birthday of his grandson Archie, the son of Meghan and Harry.

According to an almost thousand-year-old tradition, the service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

It is known that King Charles plans to invite 3,000 guests to his coronation, but the ceremony still promises to be more modest than that of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

What crowns will King Charles and Queen Camilla wear

Photo: Getty Images

King Charles will wear the St Edward's Crown at his coronation.

The crown already left the Tower of London, where it is kept with the other crown jewels, in early December to prepare it for the historic service in May, People reported.

The Crown of St. Edward was first created for Charles II in 1661 and replaced the previous crown, which was melted down in 1649.

The question of the crown that Queen Camilla will wear is still widely debated.

It has been suggested that Camilla may be wearing the crown made for Charles' grandmother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, for her husband King George VI's coronation in 1937.

However, it contains one of the most famous and controversial Kohinoor diamonds.

What is the controversy about this stone and why Camilla may not wear this crown, we told here.

Crown with Kohinoor diamond / Photo: Getty Images

Which of the guests is expected at the coronation

The coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla will be attended by members of the Royal Family, members of European royal houses, Members of Parliament, Commonwealth leaders, dignitaries and heads of charities.

Many are wondering if Harry and Meghan will attend if invited.

Prince Harry said in a recent interview that "the ball is in his father's court" now, meaning Harry will consider whether to accept the invitation if it comes.

And Charles, even in view of the scandalous memoirs of his younger son that came out, is said to be ready to invite him and daughter-in-law Megan to this event.

What other events will accompany the coronation

King Charles III / Photo: Associated Press

It is already known for sure that on May 6, the royal procession will start at Buckingham Palace and go to Westminster Abbey for the coronation.

After the service, King Charles and Queen Camilla will be joined by members of the royal family for a larger coronation procession back to Buckingham Palace, where they will all appear on the balcony.

The same place where Queen Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years.

There is also a big concert and a few days off for Brits and visitors to celebrate the occasion.

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