Figure ◎Animer

◎Tetsuya Terao

On the operating table, the man's upper body was covered with a green dust-free cloth, only below the waist was exposed. Doctor Wang who was holding the knife made the first cut on his lower body.

If all goes well, the man will say goodbye to his external genitalia forever.

In the surgery room, apart from the physical body, there are two spirit bodies, Wei-4998 and Cheng-35, floating on the left and right sides of Dr. Wang.

Cheng-35 is moving his lips quickly.

He is casting a spell.

Wei-4998 stared at His lips and teeth warily.

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Doctor Wang's hand holding the knife trembled.

Fortunately, he was skilled and did not make any irreparable mistakes.

"Is your unit so lacking in performance?" Wei-4998 couldn't help but get angry.

The man on the operating table is undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and if successful, will become a woman, and his/her husband has already made up his mind to love him/her forever no matter what the result of the operation is.

This means that if the operation is successful, the couple will sign as a heterosexual couple, and if it fails, they will sign as a gay couple.

For the performance of Wei-4998 and Cheng-35, it is an out-and-out zero-sum competition.

Wei-4998 and Cheng-35, people in the flesh generally call them Yue Lao and Rabbit God.

Cheng-35 was still chanting, and the hand brushing nurse accidentally dropped the equipment on the ground while passing it to Dr. Wang, making a loud bang.

"Do you have a conscience?"

Wei-4998 was so angry that Cheng-35 did not hesitate to cast a curse to obstruct the operation in order to snatch the business.

He stared at Cheng-35's fair and young face with a half-smile, and those rippable lips.

The high-speed movement of the two lips is like two young leaves trembling in the air.

Recently, he has encountered Cheng-35 many times on similar occasions.

Cheng-35 loves to obstruct him, mess with him, and stab him in front of and behind him.

The more Wei-4998 stared, the more confident Cheng-35's pretty face became.

But why?

Wei-4998 didn't understand. In his experience, he had never encountered such an annoying fellow rabbit.

Cheng-35's behavior has long gone beyond competing for performance, and has reached the realm of finding faults, more precisely, only finding faults with him.

"You seem to have misunderstood something." Cheng-35 said.

He teleported in front of Wei-4998, and his suddenly enlarged eyes stared straight into the depths of his spiritual body.

"The object of my spells has always been you."

Lips, Cheng-35's two tender lips no longer need to chant mantras, but are closely connected with Wei-4998's lips.

His mind was blank, and a strange tremor rose in his spirit body, like a thousand pigeons fluttering and taking off in his body.

Is this what the spell does?

Or was he just—?

But he couldn't think anymore, the white light burst out, and the shadowless lamp on the operating table shot straight into their overlapping spirit bodies, and it was impossible to tell who was who.

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