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New Year's greetings from the editorial office:

The Rabbit God is a god in folk belief, in charge of eliminating disasters, curing diseases and protecting homosexual love. Related legends can be found in Yuan Mei's "Zi Bu Yu" and "Cang Hai Shi Yi".

The "Wei Ming Tang" in Zhonghe, New Taipei City is dedicated to Uncle Hu Tianbao, the Rabbit God.

In the Year of the Rabbit, this magazine invites Animo, Luo Yujia, and Terao Tetsuya to try to interpret the story of "The Rabbit God" with images and words respectively.


◎Luo Yujiatu ◎Animo

He suddenly asked me about the Rabbit God.

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In the school dormitory, I sleep on the bottom bunk and he sleeps on the top bunk.

His desk with family photos is right next to our bed. Every time he comes back from playing, I lie on the bed and play video games—this position, this angle, is exactly the seat in the rock area where he changes clothes. He always took off his jersey with a "swish", took off his shorts, and then put on indoor cotton shorts.

I make a wish, let me sleep on my stomach on his pecs.

I make a wish, I am a dry desert, and the sweat flowing down his shoulder blades and middle trapezius muscle is my rain.

Water me.

I make a wish with the Rabbit God every day.

As for whether it's sweat or something that waters me, let's ask for it first, and then ask for it.


That day, he turned around suddenly, sat on the chair and asked me, "Hey, do you know the Rabbit God?"

I was hanging around and telling him that I know, the god of marriage for gay men.

It is written in "Mulan Poetry", the male rabbit's feet are fluttering and the female rabbit's eyes are blurred. An can tell whether I am male or female. Transvestism has existed in ancient times, and it must be related to rabbits.

Oh, and also, gay men are like rabbits, always fucked, fucked, fucked.

I am talking nonsense.

His eyes widened, and his face came closer to me, just when every hair on my back thought I was feeling his love and suddenly felt dizzy—it was he who gave me a big shudder on the head.

"Fuck you idiot?" Yes, I'm an idiot to sleep under you and want to fuck you every night.

But of course, as a gay man, he should not know about the Rabbit God. I just don't know that this guy would be interested in the romantic story of Yin Shan and Geng Han in "Cang Hai Sui Yi".

I said—Geng Han’s lover Yin Shan, who was stationed in the garrison, was taken away by the enemy army that broke the city, and the town encountered a plague that spread again. Geng Han, who sincerely made a wish to the moon, begged the Rabbit God in the Moon Palace to come down to earth and give him He took the townspeople's medicinal herbs to cure the disease, and turned the flowers they planted everywhere for love into golden orchids, and asked Geng Han as a ransom to redeem Yin Shan.

Then the two stayed together for fifty-two years until they died of old age.

I say.

But why are you asking this?

"Just..." He scratched his hair, "A few days ago, I ate live shrimp with my girlfriend at Zhonghe, and after eating, I saw my dad walking out of a somewhat inconspicuous building. I want to say that he is What are you doing here? Could it be an affair? After checking it, it’s even more serious. There is actually a gymnasium for worshiping the rabbit god in that building. My dad can’t..."

——Your dad is forty-eight years old this year, and he is a rabbit, right?

I say.

If someone from Xiaotu happens to pass by to worship the God of Rabbit, it should be fine.

He seemed relieved.

His eyes widened suddenly again, "But how do you know that my dad is a rabbit?"

Just a reasonable guess.

I said with a smile.

But in fact, Weiming Hall is on the eighth floor, so you won't "pass" if you have nothing to do.

His father is forty-eight years old, which is the age he wrote on the dating software.

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