Leftovers can also be delicious with a little ingenuity.

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Three-layer meat sliced ​​meat with colored peppers and fresh mushrooms.

(Photo courtesy/Wang Yiting)

Chicken, fish, three-layer meat, radish cake, long-term dishes, etc. are all seasonal dishes on the table during the Chinese New Year, but there are too many stockings, coupled with modern people's concept of health preservation, it is often impossible to finish the meal when it is the freshest. What should I do with the New Year's dishes?

Perennial vegetables (mustard greens) and young fish soup.

(Photo courtesy/Wang Yiting)

It is recommended that the chicken breast can be peeled into shreds, add cucumber and carrot shreds and mix with noodles to form another refreshing dish.

The three-layer meat is greasy. You can cut it into thin slices and use its own fat to add fresh peppers and mushrooms to stir-fry. Not only the color and flavor will be improved, but also the fiber intake will be increased.

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Shredded Chicken Noodles + White Sesame.

(Photo courtesy/Wang Yiting)

Both perennial vegetables and radish cakes can be used with a little ingenuity. The perennial vegetables are added with larvae, which is beautiful and nutritious in color. Carrot cakes can be fried with egg liquid and served with highly acceptable and refreshing zucchini to become a brunch dish.

Golden crispy carrot cake + zucchini.

(Photo courtesy/Wang Yiting)

◎Golden Crispy Carrot Cake + Zucchini

●Ingredients: carrot cake, eggs, zucchini.

●How to:

1. Add a little oil to the pan, fry the sliced ​​radish cakes in a hot pan until golden, then pour over the egg liquid, and divide the radish cakes after the egg liquid solidifies.

2. Using the remaining cooking oil in the pan, fry the zucchini until slightly browned.

●Calories: Whole golden crispy radish cake (about 5-6 pieces) + zucchini, the total calories are about 600kcal.

◎Sliced ​​Chicken Noodles with Minced Melon and Shredded Chicken + White Sesame

●Ingredients: boiled chicken, shredded cucumber, shredded carrot, oil noodles, white sesame, garlic, sauce (soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar).

●How to:

1. Shredded cucumbers and carrots, boiled in oiled noodles for later use, and shredded chicken.

2. Mince the garlic and mix it with the sauce.

3. Sprinkle with shredded chicken, cucumber, carrot, and oil noodles with the prepared sauce, and sprinkle with white sesame seeds to finish.

●Calorie: A bowl of oil noodles is equal to half a bowl of rice, and the total calorie of this boiled chicken, melon and shredded chicken noodles is about 310kcal.

◎Perennial vegetables (mustard greens) and young fish soup

●Ingredients: mustard greens, shredded carrots, shredded fungus, larvae, cornstarch, rice wine, vinegar.

●How to:

1. Cut the mustard greens into strips, put them in a hot water pot and blanch them.

2. Put the larvae, shredded fungus, and shredded carrot into the pot and cook until cooked, and finally add the mustard greens.

3. Add cornstarch water to thicken.

4. Add rice wine and vinegar to enhance the flavor before serving.

●Calorie: One serving of Mustard Vegetable and Fish Soup has a total calorie of about 165kcal; Thicken Gorgon has nearly half a bowl of rice calories. It is recommended that people with diabetes and weight control should not eat too much thicken soup.

◎Three-layer meat sliced ​​meat with colored pepper and fresh mushroom

●Ingredients: red pepper, yellow pepper, Hongxi mushroom, baby corn, pork belly, garlic, shredded ginger.

●How to:

1. Cut the bell pepper into large pieces, cut the mushrooms and baby corn into sections, and cut the three-layer meat into thin slices for later use.

2. Heat it in the pot, use the fat of the three-layer meat itself and sauté the garlic until fragrant.

3. Add bell peppers, Hongxi mushrooms, baby corn, and three-layer pork and stir-fry until cooked.

●Calories: about 400kcal per person.

(The author is a nutritionist at the Nutrition Department of Changhua Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital)

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