When the rabbit is running to welcome the spring, the watches and clocks of the Zodiac series are so adorable that people can't put them down.

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The rabbit is considered to be the most blessed zodiac sign. It is called "Mao Rabbit" because it belongs to "Mao" in the twelve lands. Mao time is from 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning, which coincides with the dawn of the morning light and also symbolizes vitality and hope. .

Just as the rabbits welcome the spring, watch brands and fashion boutiques have launched exclusive zodiac series works. In addition to the auspicious meaning, the main reason is of course that the rabbits are so cute, who can not love the cute rabbits!

Adorable rabbit sits on the dial and leaps towards success

When the cute rabbit jumps on the dial, even the domineering appearance design becomes more "cute" because of this!

This year, Chopard launched the LUC XP Rabbit Year Makie watch made by Japanese lacquer art masters with meticulous lacquer painting techniques. The cute twin rabbits look more and more lovely when they run under the bright moonlight.

Inspired by the jade rabbit in oriental culture, Harry Winston uses 18K rose gold to outline the outline of the rabbit, embellishes the rabbit's eyes, bow tie and tail with diamonds, and finally adds dreamy effect with 22K gold powder .

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Chopard LUC XP Urushi Year of the Rabbit Makie watch, fair mining certified 18K rose gold case, self-winding movement, hour and minute display, diameter 39.5mm, 922,000 yuan, limited to 88 pieces.

Harry Winston Premier series rose gold zodiac watch, 18K rose gold diamond-encrusted case, self-winding movement, hour and minute display, diameter 36mm, price upon request.

Piaget (PIAGET) vividly depicts a lively rabbit on the dial with its superb large fire cloisonné enamel technology. It was made by enamel painting master Anita Porchet. The gradient rabbit fur tone looks super cute.

In addition, Ulysse Nardin’s new gold-plated rabbit zodiac watch, which also uses enamel to show the cute rabbit, uses the filling enamel process to achieve the gradual coat color of the double rabbit. The background is the rising sun and the rich rice fields. They are all beautiful images.

PIAGET Altiplano series Year of the Rabbit zodiac cloisonné enamel dial ultra-thin watch, 18K white gold case, manual winding movement, hour and minute display, diameter 38mm, price upon request, limited to 38 pieces.

Ulysse Nardin gold-plated rabbit zodiac watch, 18K rose gold case, self-winding movement, hours, minutes and seconds display, 40mm diameter, 50 meters water resistance, 1,450,000 yuan, limited to 88 pieces.

Breguet’s Classique 9075 showcases the brand’s classic enamel craftsmanship and engraving skills, presenting six smart rabbits with different postures on the dial, accompanied by soft clouds to make the rabbits look more light and lively. The bamboo in the center of the dial , Plum blossom and other patterns are engraved under the surface of the enamel, while the white rabbit is engraved on the enamel in relief to present a sense of hierarchy.

Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Art master series launched the Year of the Rabbit version of the Chinese Zodiac Legend series. The jade rabbit on the dial combines hand-carving techniques, large fire enamel and other craftsmanship, especially the fur texture on the rabbit body. Exquisite hand carving appears lifelike.

Breguet Classique 9075 Year of the Rabbit limited edition wristwatch, 18K white gold case, self-winding movement, hours, minutes and seconds display, diameter 33.5mm, water resistance 30 meters, price upon request, limited to 8 pieces.

It can be seen that the rabbit and the surrounding clouds, bamboo, plum blossoms, etc. are engraved through different layers of enamel, showing different colors and layers.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d'Art Zodiac Legend Series Year of the Rabbit model, platinum case, self-winding movement, window display hours, minutes, day and date, Geneva Seal, price in store, limited to 9 pieces.

Ruitu hides nothing. Turning it over is more exciting

. Unexpectedly, besides appearing on the dial, the cute Rabbit is also brilliant when turned over on the back case, especially the swaying rabbit engraved on the oscillating weight is so cute. .

IWC launched a limited edition IWC Portuguese series automatic watch. The dial is a wine red for the occasion, and it is more festive with gold-plated hands and hour markers. The cutest thing is the gold-plated oscillating weight in the shape of a rabbit hidden on the back.

Another one that adorns the oscillating weight is Blancpain, the brand-new Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar watch. The elements of the Chinese calendar are displayed on the dial, and a pair of zodiac patterns of the year of the rabbit are engraved on the oscillating weight on the back. , it is more meaningful to accompany the word "guimao".

IWC Portuguese Series Automatic Watch 40 "Chinese New Year" Special Edition, stainless steel case, self-winding movement, hour and minute display, small seconds dial, diameter 40.4mm, waterproof depth 30 meters, price in store, limited to 500 pieces.

Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar watch, platinum case, self-winding movement, hour and minute display, Chinese calendar display, moon phase display, diameter 45mm, waterproof depth 30 meters, 2,795,000 yuan, limited to 50 pieces.

Two cute little rabbits are engraved on the oscillating weight behind the Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar watch.

TAG Heuer uses the classic Carrera series to create limited models for the Year of the Rabbit. It is visually matched with black, red and gold, because black gold is more festive than red, and the black surface is covered with gray and black. The overlapping texture lines highlight the soft features of the fur. The sapphire glass case back of the bottom cover hides a red rabbit. "The words represent limited edition.

TAG Heuer Carrera Rabbit Limited Chronograph Watch, polished and frosted stainless steel case, self-winding movement, hour, minute and second display, timing function, date window, diameter 44mm, waterproof depth 100 meters, 228,800 yuan, limited to 500 pieces.

Turn it over to see the super cute red rabbit on the back cover of the TAG Heuer Carrera Rabbit Limited Chronograph Watch.

Rabbit Shengfeng's "decorations" are all as you wish

. Not only fashion boutiques and watches, but also many small daily objects have become the habitat of rabbits.

Montblanc (MONTBLANC) launched the zodiac legend series rabbit year limited edition 512 fountain pen, 512 is the sum of 8×8×8 symbolizing auspiciousness, the upright rabbit on the pen cap symbolizes cleverness and action, and the laurel tree on the side represents career success, cabbage and Radishes are the food of rabbits, which symbolizes wealth, and the mountains in the background imply strong protection; another #146 red notebook is launched, with a golden rabbit pattern printed on the cover.

MONTBLANC Zodiac and Symbols Series Rabbit Limited Edition 512 fountain pen, 187,900 yuan.

MONTBLANC Zodiac and Symbol Series Rabbit #146 notebook, 2,800 yuan.

The rabbit in the Cartier Baby series is of course also an important role in the Year of the Rabbit. The pair of silver spoons have long rabbit ears on the handle; the border of the sterling silver photo frame is also engraved with cute rabbit patterns, becoming the most suitable for the occasion. ornaments.

A pair of Cartier Baby rabbit sterling silver spoons, 14,000 yuan.

Cartier Baby rabbit photo frame, sterling silver, real lacquered wood, 28,300 yuan.

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