Asian actress Michelle Yeoh was shortlisted for Best Actress Oscar for "Multiple Universe", but strictly speaking, she is not a woman of Asian descent who won this honor.

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[Compilation of Zhang Peiyuan/Comprehensive Report] Born in Malaysia, the Asian actress Michelle Yeoh, who has already won the Golden Globe Award for the sci-fi drama "Multiverse of Damn", has made another step forward and is shortlisted for the American Academy Awards that will be presented in mid-March (Oscar) Best Actress, and was praised by many media as the "first" Asian woman to win the award.

But strictly speaking, that's not the case, according to the Washington Post.

The first Oscar nominee of Asian descent for Best Actress in history should be Moer Oberon (pictured left). The picture shows her stills from the 1939 movie "Roaring Heights".

(The picture is taken from IMDb)

After Michelle Yeoh was nominated, "Hollywood Reporter" tweeted that Michelle Yeoh was "the first person who self-identifies as Asian and was nominated (for the Best Actress Oscar)", and the tweet was criticized The words are too politically correct.

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But the Washington Post said that the tweet was not wrong, and more accurate - as early as 1936, nearly 90 years ago, the British actress Merle Oberon of mixed Asian descent (Merle Oberon) used In "Dark Angel" (The Dark Angel) in a performance, shortlisted Oscar for Best Actress, but did not win the final award.

Moer Oberon was born in Mumbai, India, in 1911. Her mother was of South Asian descent and her father was a white British man. In order to succeed in films that often disdain people of color, especially women of color, Moer Oberon concealed her place of birth and her mixed race. He used makeup to whiten his complexion, even used skin bleaching agents to suppress melanin, and made himself speak with a British accent. Later, he moved to the UK and continued to pretend that he was from Tasmania, an outlying island of Australia.

Moll Oberon's career breakthrough came in 1933 with her role in The Private Life of Henry VIII, followed by an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in 1936 for "Dark Angel" ; but her most famous performance should be playing the heroine Catherine in "Wuthering Heights" in 1939.

Moer Oberon died in California in 1979 at the age of 68.

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