In archive photos we found this moment, it was taken during Her Majesty's visit to South Africa.

That day, the monarch was greeted by a gusty wind and a thunderstorm.

And this wind blew so hard that it lifted the hem of Elizabeth II's dress from behind.

Fortunately, the royal outfit didn't go all the way up.

Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Getty Images

The monarch's outfit for the day was a white printed dress, hat and white shoes with bows and sturdy high heels.

She also had white gloves on her hands, a pearl necklace around her neck, and earrings in her ears.

It is not known, even then Her Majesty's tailor used special weights, which were sewn to the hems of Elizabeth II's dresses and coats, so that the dresses did not fly up.

Although we showed you a photo, as already at a much older age, such embarrassments still sometimes happened.

Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Getty Images

We will remind you that earlier we showed how during one of the official visits, the hat flew off the head of Queen Elizabeth II due to a gust of strong wind.

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