[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Xiao Tiantian posted a few days ago that some people said that his original family relationship, so his personality is not perfect. On the busy side, Song Jinxian couldn't bear to leave a message.

Britney's husband Song Jinxian (right) hit back.

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Song Jinxian was called ex-husband by Xiao Tiantian for the first time a few days ago. He responded under Gan Ge’s post and mentioned his feelings about cohabitation: “Although the divorce agreement has not reached a consensus and signed, I have become an ex-husband, but when I saw the word ex-husband I feel as if I have been relieved halfway, which is great. Here I want to say that I have lived with my ex-wife for nearly three years, and I absolutely believe that Mr. Zhang, my ex-wife’s ex-boyfriend, told the media several years ago that what my ex-wife said What I have done and what I have done is only because of my personal experience." Song Jinxian may be referring to Zhang Fengqi.

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In fact, around 2013, Britney and Zhang Fengqi had a falling out, and the score was quite ugly. At that time, Britney was forced to die, and because of the quarrel, she ran to scratch the other party's car. The scratching process was all recorded, and Zhang Fengqi also The app communication records of 2 people have been released.

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