Figure ◎Tao Leti


Figure ◎Tao Leti

1962 "Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Gift"

New Year's greetings from the editorial office:

1977 "Goodbye!


The Year of the Rabbit is here!

Let's read some rabbit picture books!

This magazine plans the topic of "Falling into the Rabbit Hole", and invites picture book writer Tao Leti to select five rabbit-related works from 1962 to 2019 for us.

In "Alice in Wonderland", Alice fell down the rabbit hole into a fantasy world-in fact, as long as you open a book, it is a trip down the rabbit hole.

1992 "I don't know who I am"

The shape of the rabbit is special, and the image is highly recognizable. It is a character that often appears in picture books.

Gentle, quiet, dexterous, cute... are also the characters they are often given.

From the last century to the present, there are many excellent rabbit picture books, which are out of print on the market and not easy to borrow in the library. According to the year of publication, five favorite and distinctive picture books are selected.

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2016 "Bite You"


2019 "The Rabbit Boss Who Wants to Fly"

"Mr. Rabbit and the Cute Gift"


Zoroto, Morris.

Drawing by Sendak, translated by Lai Yuqing, published by Greene

The little girl wants to give her mother a birthday present, so she finds Mr. Rabbit as a consultant.

Four paragraphs of repeated questions and answers, starting from the color that mother likes, Mr. Rabbit guides the little girl to see what mother likes?

What don't you like?

Which ones cannot be gifted?

This is the clarification of abstract and concrete concepts of objects, and it is also a basic practice of thinking.

They walked in the community, the grove, and the lakeside, looking for it while taking a walk. In the relaxed question and answer room, they prepared a lovely gift for their mother.

The stories written by Ms. Zoloto are very close to the essence of children, true and sincere, and can resonate with many people's childhood memories.

Mr. Sendak drew Mr. Rabbit as smart and wise, and the illustration style is gentle and lovely, which is different from "The Kingdom of Beasts".





Steiner, York.

Miller, translated by Mrs. Wei Wei, Taiwan Emma Publishing

Big and small rabbits meet in a factory where the rabbits are caged and fed at regular intervals.

The little rabbit who had just been captured was very frightened. Encouraged by the big rabbit, they escaped from the factory together and pursued a free life.

But the scorching sun outside, hunger, and unexpected encounters... all make them tired. The big rabbit misses the safe and well-fed factory. It has been used to the illusion of security after being raised. Even if the future is destined, it will Go back; the little rabbit is willing to go back with it, because they are friends.

But what Bunny really wants is freedom, even if the price of freedom is risk.

The story makes people think deeply: which one is the right choice, the security of being mistrusted or the freedom of taking risks?

Author York.

Steiner entrusts this question to the readers to think about, illustrator York.

Miller's delicate and real brushwork endows this story with a wonderful image language.


"I don't know who I am"


Blake, Axel.

Drawing by Scheffler, translated by Guo Enhui, published by Greene

Dali B has a lot of problems, he doesn't know what kind of animal he is, where he should live, what to eat, he doesn't know what his big feet are for, until...Jessie D is here.

For children, it is very important to know themselves and find their own belongings, and they will be full of doubts when they have not figured it out.

But the protagonist in the story, Dali B, is very optimistic. He thinks of ways to live first. When he sees birds living in trees, he follows them and stays in the trees. When he sees squirrels eating acorns, he also eats them until a crisis occurs. Let him use his instinct Only after saving myself did I realize who I am.

Although the protagonist has a name, he doesn’t know what animal he is, but readers can tell that Dali B is a rabbit when they look at the picture. The contrast between the picture and the text makes the story more interesting to read, which is also the unique fun that picture books can create.


"Bite You"

Written by Huang Yuqin and Tao Leti, published by Parent-child World

On a leisurely and beautiful day, the rabbit was lying on the green grass basking in the sun, when suddenly an apple "boom!" fell on its head.

The rabbit found that this is a really delicious apple, so he took this apple and shared it with others everywhere. Some people think their food is more delicious, some people think it is more important to play, and some people feel suspicious. Why do you share delicious food with others...

Simple "giving" feels good, and adults often tell children to know how to "share", but the level of sharing is not just for you or me. If someone wants to share, would you accept it?

There may be hundreds of reasons behind accepting or not accepting. Once rejected, all good intentions are often wiped out in an instant, and frustration, frustration, anger... follow.

"Do I have to accept your kindness?" is the complicated intention that this simple picture book wants to convey.


"The Rabbit Boss Who Wants to Fly"

Written by Q-rais, translated by Xu Tingting (Blueberry Mommy), published by Wheatfield

The flamboyant rabbit boss wants to fly into the sky like a seagull, and the loyal rabbit followers will help him without any suspense.

They found thick rubber bands, huge champagne, and the invincible bamboo dragonfly in history, all of which are to fulfill the wish of the boss; the rabbit boss flew out, and fell down heavily every time.

In real life, people always encounter failure or futility, and they should smile when they see this, and feel healed from the bottom of their hearts.

The picture book in comic format is a new form of picture book born in recent years. The author Q-rais was originally a cartoonist, and he is good at hilarious healing comics.

The big rabbit and the little rabbits in his works are very popular, and they are never discouraged, and continue to practice various nonsensical fantasies.

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