Nutritionists pointed out that dark green vegetables, whole grains, meat, etc. are rich in B group.

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During the Spring Festival holiday, it is easy to eat and drink too much and stay up late to sleep. In the long run, it will easily lead to a red light on the health of the liver.

The liver is an organ with self-healing ability. The following foods help the liver detoxify, so that everyone can eat healthy and help the liver clean up.

Liver must eat nutrients

●Vitamin B group:

Helps to enhance physical strength and maintain a strong spirit, such as whole grains, meat, dark green vegetables, etc. are rich in B group.

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●High-quality protein:

can help the liver repair and regeneration, such as vegetable protein.


It has the effect of reducing liver inflammation and blood fat, such as seafood and dairy products.

Reject the good elements of liver inflammation


It has the effects of protecting the liver, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammation, and can also regulate blood lipids and blood pressure.


It has powerful anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation functions, and can reduce liver inflammation.


It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, and can clear toxins in the human body.


It has anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, and cholesterol-lowering effects, and can help repair the liver very well, such as fish, nuts and seeds.

●Vitamin E:

It has strong anti-inflammatory ability and is also an indispensable material for the immune system, such as nuts, seeds, dark green vegetables, and fruits.

●Vitamin C:

Assist liver repair and regeneration, such as citrus.


While protecting the liver, it is also a good source of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation, such as green tea.


While avoiding fatty liver hyperplasia, it can also improve eye fatigue and reduce the occurrence of urethritis, such as cranberry, bilberry, purple grape, black bean, etc.

●Sulfide, MSM:

good detoxification ability, anti-oxidation and promote metabolism at the same time, such as beans, eggs, fish and meat, dark green vegetables.

Excessive food that causes liver injury and inflammation


Most alcohol is metabolized by the liver. Heavy drinking may cause the accumulation of fatty liver. According to the recommendations of the "National Dietary Index Manual", men should not exceed 1 can of beer (or equivalent to 20 grams of alcohol), and women No more than half a can of beer (or equivalent to 10 grams of alcohol).


Smoking is an easy source of inflammation, and nicotine will hinder the absorption of nutrients in the stomach and indirectly cause the reduction of liver nutrients.

●Moldy and stale food:

During Chinese New Year, food is often too much to finish and reluctant to throw away. Although the food looks good on the surface, it may actually have grown mold spores, and if these mold spores are eaten by the human body, they will be harmful to the human body.

●High-fat, high-salt and high-sugar food:

Excessive high-fat, high-salt and high-sugar food can easily lead to obesity and inflammation.

●Over-processed and pickled food:

Over-processed food is often a hidden calorie bomb, and excessive consumption of additional additives such as nitrite will also cause a burden on the liver.

During the Chinese New Year, too much fish and meat, too much sugar, will easily cause fat accumulation in the liver, and then stay up late to explode the liver, so protecting the liver can be said to be imperative!

Here is a reminder, in addition to eating more liver-protecting nutrients, you can also choose original ingredients, eat less processed products, fried and high-calorie foods with too much sugar, so as to avoid liver fat accumulation and liver inflammation!

(The author is a nutritionist)

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