Talia Storm

attended a VIP screening of the movie "Flight" at Cineworld Leicester Square in London.

The celebrity appeared on the red carpet in a sexy outfit.

She was wearing a black tight jumpsuit with a very revealing neckline that almost exposed her voluptuous bust.

Talia Storm / Photo: Getty Images

Storm completed the look with black patent ankle boots on a high platform and heels and a black handbag.

The star made herself styling with curls and saturated makeup with an emphasis on the eyes.

Talia Storm / Photo: Getty Images

She decorated her ears with elegant long earrings, and on her hands were bracelets with diamonds and a watch.

And everything would be perfect if not for Talia's manicure - it was unkempt.

The red varnish was licked off, or perhaps the artist gnawed it.

The look of the nails is simply shocking and spoils the general impression of Talia's image.

Perhaps Storm thought that her open cleavage would distract attention from her sloppy manicure and that no one would notice the chipped nail polish.

But it is simply impossible not to notice.

Talia Storm / Photo: Getty Images

Talia Storm / Photo: Getty Images

About the movie:

Pilot Brody Torrance manages to successfully land a storm-damaged plane in enemy territory.

Everyone on board is in danger, because the pirates intend to hijack the plane and take its passengers hostage.

While the search for the plane continues, Brody must protect his passengers and wait for rescue.

As a reminder, Storm is not the only star who does not like to take care of her nails.

Amanda Seyfried, Crown Princess Victoria, Biden's press secretary, Cara Delevingne came out with a sloppy manicure, and Sara Sampaio came to the fashion show in open shoes and with a disgusting pedicure.

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