Queen Elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Getty Images

Members of the Windsor family follow etiquette most carefully.

Queen Elizabeth II

never applied too bright varnish on her nails, preferring nude colors or transparent varnish.

They say that Elizabeth's favorite shade of nail polish, which has been applied to her nails for over thirty years, is a pale pink Essie polish (Ballet Slippers shade, which translates as "ballet slippers").

The founder of the brand, Essie Weingarten, once said in an interview that as a child she dreamed of becoming a ballerina, her dream did not come true, but as an adult, she kept nostalgia in her heart for her dream of ideal femininity, which her pink ballet shoes personified for her .

This is how this most popular shade in the palette of varnishes of her brand appeared.

And in 1989, the personal stylist of Queen Elizabeth II sent Essie Weingarten a letter in which she asked to deliver exactly this varnish to Buckingham Palace.

Since then, it has been Her Majesty's favorite shade.

Princess of Wales

Princess of Wales / Photo: Getty Images

One of the queen's daughters-in-law, Princess Catherine of Wales, never breaks royal protocol.

In the eleven years of her marriage to Prince William, she was never seen in public with bright nail polish.

Like Her Majesty, Catherine chooses varnishes in nude shades.

In most cases, the princess's nails are covered with transparent varnish.

Princess of Wales / Photo: Getty Images

Her nails are short, oval-shaped, well-groomed and look neat even without varnish.

By the way, Essie nail polish is also one of Catherine's favorites.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan

The Duchess of Sussex / Photo: Getty Images

Another daughter-in-law of the queen - Duchess of Sussex Meghan - before her marriage to Prince Harry adored a bright manicure.

The former Hollywood actress loved red, burgundy, black and other rich colors of nail polish.

But, becoming a member of the British royal family, Meghan had to compromise and give up her passion for such a manicure.

On the day of the announcement of the engagement with Prince Harry, Meghan made a semi-transparent nude color manicure.

In two years of living in her husband's royal family, the duchess broke the protocol only once, appearing at the ceremony at the Fashion Awards 2018 with rich or dark cherry or black nail polish, which, by the way, perfectly matched her total black bow.

But now, after completing her royal duties in April 2020, Meghan can afford completely different shades.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana / Photo: Getty Images

The first wife of Prince of Wales Charles,

Diana Spencer

, often broke royal protocol.

Her red manicure on her nails could be perceived as a kind of protest.

In an interview - and journalists often asked her why she wears bright nail polish - Princess Diana said that red gives her self-confidence.

Princess Diana / Photo: Getty Images

Beige color was rarely seen on her nails.

Except only at special ceremonial receptions with the participation of the queen and other members of the royal family.

Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia / Photo: Getty Images

Spanish Queen Letizia is quite conservative in choosing a manicure.

For 16 years now, she has been the wife of the Spanish King Philip VI, and all these years no one has seen bright nail polish on her nails.

Queen Letizia / Photo: Getty Images

Her manicure always has a minimalist look, it is neat, her nails are well-groomed, but often Letitia does not cover them with varnish at all.

Even transparent varnish is not respected by the royal person.

Letitia emphasizes her individuality with very expressive makeup and jewelry.

Queen Maxima

Queen Maxima / Photo: Getty Images

But Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, on the contrary, likes to show her individuality, using for this purpose not only saturated shades in makeup, but also bright varnishes in manicure.

At various events, burgundy, beige, plum, red and other rich colors can be seen on her nails.

The queen always successfully chooses the color of the varnish to match her image and jewelry.

By the way, she simply has no equal in the choice of accessories.

Maxima boldly wears a wide variety of earrings and necklaces and is very fond of massive jewelry.

Crown Princess Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria / Photo: Associated Press

The main heir to the Swedish throne, Princess Victoria, is a big fan of bright nails.

She does not adhere to the protocol, although nude varnish on her nails can also sometimes be seen, increasingly the crown princess prefers bright red or burgundy shades.

But her mother, 79-year-old Queen Silvia, prefers a classic manicure in neutral shades.

Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia / Photo: Associated Press

Queen Matilda

Queen Matilda / Photo: Getty Images

The wife of King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Mathilde, is the complete opposite of Crown Princess Victoria.

Matilda always has a neutral manicure, and sometimes even without varnish.

Royal manicure / Photo: Getty Images

Even for solemn social outings, Her Majesty chooses the classics.

However, Queen Matilda adheres to minimalism not only in manicure, she also rarely wears bright makeup, focusing mainly on her natural beauty.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia / Photo: Getty Images

British princesses Beatrice and Eugenia can afford any manicure, because they are not among those who work for the crown permanently and receive funding from the state.

Princess Eugenia / Photo: Getty Images

In ordinary life and for events that take place with the participation of other members of the royal family, the sisters usually choose a manicure in neutral beige shades.

But for a club party or a social event, they can easily afford even a black manicure.

Queen Consort Camilla

Queen Camilla / Photo: Associated Press

The wife of King Charles III, like her mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II, always appears in public with a neat manicure and often without a cover.

Or covers the nails with transparent varnish.

This color suits any image of the duchess and does not violate the protocol.

Queen Rania

Queen Rania / Photo: Associated Press

Queen Rania of Jordan - the wife of King Abdullah II - is also very conservative in choosing a manicure.

Her Majesty prefers to emphasize the beauty of her face with makeup, and leaves her nails natural or covers them with light varnish.

Queen Rania / Photo: Associated Press

This is within royal protocol, and Rania's nails look well-groomed, which is actually the most important thing in a manicure.

Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene / Photo: Associated Press

But Princess Charlene of Monaco can afford everything: from bright red nail polish to burgundy.

But most often at important official events, which she attends together with her husband Albert, she appears with a manicure in neutral colors.

But she almost always has red lipstick on her lips.

Princess Charlene / Photo: Associated Press

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