Britney Sweets (right) and Song Jinxian continue to fight on the third day of the Lunar New Year (Flipping Facebook)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Xiao Tiantian turned against her husband Song Jinxian and scolded the sour people. Song Jinxian's brother-in-law Mr. Lai couldn't bear to talk about it.

Britney scolded Sour People: "The culture of sour people will not change, but do you know me and live with me? If the truth of all things is not caused by me, your comments are really like the novels we read when we were young! "

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Song Jinxian's brother-in-law revealed how he got along with each other in private: "He was riding alone with a child on his back, holding a big bag of dinner in his hand, and excitedly said that he would buy it back for the woman to eat, so you know how much he is in love, and then Every time I call him, he says he is busy, either feeding the woman’s dog, tidying up the house, rushing back to turn on the air conditioner, because the dog is afraid of the heat, and changing the changing mat! The man has never been reported by the media on such trivial matters. After that, I jumped out and said, after all, that is the simplest married life.”

Mr. Lai also questioned Britney Spears: "The woman keeps posting and chanting slogans like being a strong mother? To avoid the point that both parties are wrong? Finally post a post about the family of origin... to continue to arouse the public's empathy? "

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