An 86-year-old doctor works three jobs to provide for her grandson's future.

The elderly woman has been taking care of him for two years, after the death of her daughter.

Dr. Latinka Tsvetanova is a physiotherapist with nearly 60 years of experience.

He works at the St. George Hospital in Montana, at the local polyclinic and at the branch of Emergency Services in Chiprovtsi.

Two years ago, her daughter died in front of her child.

She has been taking care of him ever since.

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“I want to leave the child money because… who will give it to him when I die?

I am of age, I can leave at any moment," the doctor told BTV. 

Doctor Tsvetanova turned eighty-six a week ago.

But it's not her years that weigh her down, but the lack of enough time for her grandson.

“She actually helped us at a difficult time when Dr. Danailov had health problems and she took over his duties and then we put her to work.

And I can say that she will work with us as long as she wants to," explained Vladimir Minchev, manager of the "St.


After another shift at the hospital, doctor Latinka Tsvetanova will move on to her next workplace.

And so - while it can.

grandmother and grandson