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Affected by the epidemic, the border had to be closed. At the end of 2022, the dawn of unblocking ushered in, and everyone could finally breathe the air of free travel again.

This also means that 2023 is a brand new beginning, so that everyone can gradually return to the normal life track, which is really gratifying.

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〈False rumors〉Although it is the year of the lonely Luan, get married and be safe

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2023 is the year of Guimao (rabbit). This year's lunar year is particularly early, and it is the second month of leap. "Double Spring Year", this kind of year is usually called "Gu Luan Year", which is often regarded as unfavorable for marriage.

There is a saying that "two springs a year, widows everywhere", which means that getting married in this year is easy to have a second spring.

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In fact, these are all literal rumors. Lichun is just the name of solar terms, and leap month is to adjust the time gap between the lunar calendar and the four seasons of solar terms. Therefore, this year's leap in February, resulting in two Lichun in the same year, is just to adjust later. The time gap between the annual solar terms has nothing to do with love and marriage.

If there are couples planning to get married this year, don't be influenced by this traditional fallacy and change your marriage plan.

If you want to catch up with the schedule because of this, you can get married and have children together this year, you can see what the child's surname is, and then decide whether you want double happiness this year.

If the surnames are Gao, Lu, Zhou, Wu, Zhu, Li, Lin, Huang, Song, Tang, Cheng, Pan, Ye, Tian, ​​Jiang, Qin, etc., you can greatly consider making progress this year to increase production and serve the country; Liu, Chen, Xu, Hu, He, Luo, Xie, Shen, Fu, Cui, Ren, Liao, Yao, Jin, Tan, Jia, Long, Gu, Lai, Yin, Niu, Gong... etc. Not necessarily recommended If you are in a hurry to have a baby this year, you may consider enjoying the couple's time for another one or two years.

<Bringing Good Luck> A good time to start work on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year

And when it comes to the Lunar New Year, the most important thing is the time to start work after the annual holiday, because this time represents the beginning of the whole year's work. As the saying goes, "good and bad luck come from regret and stinginess", the time when everything starts can determine the result Good and bad fortune.

Therefore, if you want to have a brand new and beautiful 2023 after the epidemic is unblocked, you must choose carefully when you start work.

In order to start work as soon as possible after the annual holiday, companies or enterprises will follow the tradition to start work on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year to welcome the God of Wealth.

But since we require a good "time", it doesn't have to be on the fifth day of the new year. After all, who said that the fifth day of the new year must be a good time every year?

But this year is really just right. On the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar (January 26th in the national calendar), there is a good time to start work and worship.

And this good time is 9:45 am for friends who live north of Taichung, and 9:50 am for friends who live south of Taichung. This time can attract luck and noble people.

If you can, it is recommended that you go to the "East" to start work, not only at a good time, but also in a good direction, which can be more divided.

And friends who can’t worship eastward don’t have to worry about it, as long as they start working at a good time; or you can choose a big temple facing west to east, or east to west, to worship at this time and pray for a new life. The year started smoothly.

If you are the owner of your own shop and business, prepare the items for the start of work, and fill in your own information according to the text in the appendix on the right. When the time comes, you can light incense and pray, and read according to the text. After that, you can set off firecrackers to tell the world that your store is at this good time, and start to welcome the good luck in 2023!

Remember that essays should be written on red or yellow paper; as for places where firecrackers cannot be set off, it is recommended to play festive music instead, or buy electronic firecrackers, so as not to cause environmental pollution or affect neighbors.

〈Lucky Color〉Wearing lucky stones will double your luck

Of course, the new year begins after the start of work, so if you want to increase your luck for the new year, you can choose to wear ores of the color corresponding to your zodiac on this day.

Zodiac tiger, rabbit: obsidian, black tourmaline or lapis lazuli.

Zodiac dragon, snake: chrysoprase, green jasper or green ghost crystal.

Zodiac Horse, Goat: Ruby, Onyx or Pink Quartz.

Zodiac Monkey, Rooster: Amber, Citrine or Titanium Crystal.

Zodiac dog, pig: white crystal or fish eye stone.

Zodiac rat, ox: Shugulai stone or amethyst.

(The author is the person in charge of Kaiyun Clubhouse)

〈Commencement essay〉

to compliment

A stick of fragrance from the Dharma Realm to get rid of the old and cloth new golden rabbits Spring firecrackers welcome the new Fragrant flowers Vegetarian fruit offering to the Buddha

Praise said

Spring comes, the land is prosperous, spring opens, the city starts construction, and the gods of joy welcome guests in front of the door. Congratulations to every family for making a fortune.

welcome with sincerity

Great Mercy and Great Compassion All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas come to bless peace Great Mercy and Great Compassion Five-way Heavenly Official God of Wealth

Learn from each other

Great Mercy and Great Compassion All the gods within the jurisdiction of the city gods respect the gods

Now according to Taiwan (address) Xin female disciple: (name)

Only on the fifth day of the first lunar month in 112, it was time to prepare fragrant flowers, vegetables and fruits, and make offerings to the dharma world before the court, praying for good weather, peace of the country and people, and peace in the world.

Believers female disciples manage the (store name) business and lead all employees to continue the good karma in the ten directions, and pray for the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to come to the altar for mercy. From then on, the disciples will do more good deeds, donate, help the poor, support the righteous Dharma, benefit the public, and jointly build harmony society.

Blessing person: (name) rate all staff

Year 112, the first month of the 5th day of the year

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