On January 23, Venus conjunct Saturn

On January 23, Uranus exits retrograde

On January 25 Sun sextile Jupiter

On January 27, Venus moves into Pisces

During the week, the moon moves through the signs - Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus

Favorable days for haircuts according to lunar day

 - 23, 25, 26, 27, 28 (until 11:20 a.m.), 29 (after 11:45 a.m.) January

On January 24 and 25, the Moon is in the water sign Pisces.

On a lunar day, a haircut is appropriate, but on a lunar sign, it is not recommended, as dandruff may appear according to the lunar advice.

Favorable days for dyeing hair by lunar day

 - 23, 24, 25, 26 (before 10:36 a.m.), 27 (after 10:58 a.m.), 28 (until 11:20 a.m.) and 29 (after 11:45 a.m.) January

"Moon without a course"

 - In periods when the Moon has already made its last major (major) aspect, but has not yet moved to the next sign, it is necessary to avoid starting new projects and any other work intended for the future and development.

These are periods of ineffectiveness of the Moon.

The best strategy at this point is to do nothing - leave everything as it is, do nothing important. 


12:20 - 23.01.



18:12 - 25.01.



23:02 - 28.01.



 – The attitude with which you approach work matters will influence their resolution during these days.

Stubbornness will play an important role throughout the week, and it's up to you whether you resist it or let it influence your decisions.

Stop insisting on your own and accept the opinion of others.

Communication with the right people and willingness to dialogue will be very important in anything you want to succeed.

You are gradually getting closer to some goal or longed-for dream…

Favorable days – 23

Be careful - 26, 27


 - This week brings you the calm of tense and uncertain situations.

You can enjoy the tranquility that will be disturbed only by perhaps unexpected trifles.

Focus on your partner, the present, and your future together.

With Venus entering Pisces on January 27th, a hidden romance may begin to take shape.

If you're single, it's possible to get close to someone who will be in your friend circle, but if you're going to hook up with someone who already has a partner, put them out of your head.

Favorable days – 24, 25

Be careful –23, 28, 29


 - You are so busy that you almost forget about your needs.

Even if you feel stressed, remember that after the storm comes the good weather.

In your life, it is very necessary to find at least a minute for yourself every day.

Fortunately, after Wednesday you will return to much more exciting things – love life, free time and opportunities to express your creativity.

For singles, risk sometimes pays off.

Be more proactive, take that risk and finally invite your target for coffee.

Favorable days – 26, 27

Be careful - 24, 25


 - The harmonious aspect between the Sun and Jupiter on January 25 brings success, especially in the professional sphere.

You will improve your relations with people, especially with your superiors.

There is little opportunity for promotion, more responsibility or salary increases.

If you have your own business, things will go well for you.

You may feel angry with some people from whom you had higher expectations.

You need to clarify a situation that you have left unanswered.

After January 27, when Venus moves into Pisces, a very good period will begin for your personal life with many emotions and strong feelings. 

Favorable days – 24, 25, 28, 29

Be careful –26, 27


 - This week you will be able to fulfill certain smaller personal goals and thus feel more fulfilled in your life.

There will be more opportunities to settle work issues.

You're always ready for action, but sometimes some things shouldn't be rushed.

When you feel like you're sprinting like a race, slow down.

In the second half of the week, your health will be very important and you should pay more attention to avoid unnecessary problems.

Favorable days – 26, 27

Be careful - 23, 29


 - At work, don't promise anything you can't deliver.

This would have a negative effect on your future reputation.

The rush of energy that awaits you will be a real reward for you.

During this period, there will be days that you can devote only to yourself, but also days when you should devote yourself to other family members and friends.

The presence of Venus in the sign of Pisces from January 27 will create fertile ground for the development of feelings in flirtation or recent acquaintance.

If you are single, it is possible that in the next period (from this week) you will start a new relationship with a person who will arouse great interest. 

Favorable days – 28, 29

Be careful - 24, 25


 - You are in a moment of stagnation.

Seek advice when you're stuck so you can get out of the jam faster.

You need to be twice as careful in your work so as not to make mistakes.

You want to get everything done faster, but you can inadvertently make some mistakes.

Be rational as much as you can!

Look at things calmly and solve them one at a time.

Your family needs you at the beginning of the week, and you are not one to ignore them and turn your back on them.

It is possible that you will make a very interesting acquaintance that will quickly develop into a relationship.

Favorable days – 23

Be careful - 26, 27


 - These days you will have to make an effort to focus on your professional affairs, as it seems that your thoughts will be more occupied with personal ones.

Under the lunar influence this week, you will feel more freshness and energy.

This period gives you opportunities to meet new friends or strengthen existing ones.

If you are single, it is very likely that a new love will appear in the next period (from the second half of the week onwards), as it seems that you will meet a person who will develop strong feelings for you.

Favorable days – 24, 25

Be careful - 23, 28, 29


 – The planet Mars will influence your sign during the week.

Under his rule, the energy you have needed for a long time will return to your life.

Use wisely the passion and power that is concentrated in this energy and use these gifts to advance your life.

On the one hand, it seems that this week there will be some duties that you will not be able to avoid, but on the other hand, you will also have beautiful, peaceful moments in your personal life.

Your relationship with your parents comes to the fore, and perhaps something is changing in their lives that affects you as well. 

Favorable days – 26, 27

Be careful - 24, 25


 - During this week, you may have strange thoughts that steal your peaceful sleep.

Don't let negativity enter your life and instead focus on the positive little things that happen to you on a daily basis.

Focus on love and understanding.

During the week, make more time for family activities and spend more time together.

These days you may make a long-planned purchase, investment, or even acquire additional income from a new source of work.

Favorable days – 24, 25, 28, 29

Be careful - 26, 27


 - The first days of this week will be calm, but also boring.

Everything will go according to your plans without unexpected deviations.

Emphasize creativity, which has recently become your forte, and don't forget teamwork.

On Thursday, however, the situation may change and you will have to deal with a sharp change in your plans that you had for the end of the week and for the weekend.

You might consider investing a small amount of money in improving your home. 

Favorable days – 26, 27

Be careful - 23, 29


 - The weekly horoscope suggests that you should avoid contradictions in communication with a close person.

Avoid unnecessary arguments.

The planet Saturn has a detrimental effect on your finances, which can affect especially rash purchases.

Your intuition will be enhanced these days.

Under the rule of the red planet Mars, you will feel the energy and find the lost direction of where to go.

At the same time, you may be in the process of preparing for something new that you will undertake in the next month and therefore want to devote more time to yourself for rest and fun.

Favorable days – 28, 29

Be careful - 24, 25

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