Today, January 23, it is undesirable for a representative of all zodiac signs to quarrel with someone, but for three of them conflicts are a categorical taboo.

Taurus (21.04 - 21.05)

Tauruses, as you know, are distinguished by patience, which hides terribly hot-tempered individuals: when the amount of irritation they have accumulated turns into quality, woe betide those who - intentionally or unintentionally - stand in the way.

In this case, any quarrel - like today - has every chance to turn into a grand scandal, and representatives of the sign - to make mortal enemies.

Libra (24.09 - 23.10)

Libra is the most reserved and diplomatic sign of the zodiac, its representatives rarely enter into conflicts, preferring to resolve any disagreements peacefully.

But today patience can betray them, as a result of which they will quarrel with someone close to them.

Returning the relationship to the previous stage will be a difficult task, so it is better to avoid conflict.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Scorpios are recognized masters of biting jokes and caustic remarks, with which the representatives of the sign can touch the life of any - even the most thick-skinned - opponent.

However, today, most likely, they will find an interlocutor who is vulnerable and sensitive, and they do not calculate the strength of their pressure, so they can seriously offend a person who has done nothing to them.

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