American designer 

Natalia Fedner

, who became famous for her unique "naked" outfits for


, Tina Karol, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Doji Kat, Janet Jackson, Charlize Theron, Lenny Kravitz, Cardi B, as well as the Kardashian sisters, took part in the fashion show , where they collected money to help Ukraine.

The show took place during Columbus Fashion Week, which passed in November 2022, but the designer decided to share this story only on January 22, 2023, on the Day of the Unity of Ukraine.

In a post on


, she said that she agreed to participate in the event without hesitation, and also remembered her childhood in Ukraine.

"As some of you know, I was born in Ukraine. One of my favorite childhood memories was seeing all the sunflowers on the side of the road and eating the roasted seeds that my grandfather roasted. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. After Russia invaded Ukraine, I wanted to help as much as I could," the designer wrote.

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"When the Columbus Fashion Council and the Ohio Ukrainian Cultural Association asked me to put on a fashion show to help raise money for Ukraine, I agreed without hesitation. I only had one requirement that my finale include sunflowers," she added. .


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Together with her mother, the girl painted the bodysuit in which the models were to appear in the finale of the show.

For this, they used old pans, which they probably brought with them to the United States from Ukraine when they emigrated.

"My mom helped me dye the bodysuit in yellow and blue colors in old Ukrainian metal pans so that they perfectly matched the flag of Ukraine. I told my models on the catwalk about the importance of the sunflower - it was not just a beautiful flower, it was a symbol of hope and resilience of the Ukrainian people," Nataliya concluded.

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Let us remind you that Natalya wholeheartedly supports her homeland since the beginning of the full-scale war.

The girl often publishes information about Ukraine on her social networks, asks for donations, and during one of her fashion shows, she took to the catwalk with a blue-yellow flag.

She moved to the USA as a child with her parents, they lived in Ohio.

Natalia Fedner Brand Show / Photo: Getty Images

Already at a mature age, Natalia moved to New York, and then to Paris, to enter the famous Parsons School of Design and learn the techniques of high fashion.

During and after her studies, she worked for Calvin Klein Collection, Donna Karan Collection and Marc Jacobs.

Now the designer creates her stunning and unique pieces from thin metal chains called Stretch Metal.

Natalia developed this unusual "material" for products personally and patented it in 2021.

Things with Stretch Metal take the shape of the body, but at the same time can stretch like fabric and be comfortable.

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