Almost two weeks ago, the American singer

Miley Cyrus

released the song


and the music video for it.

The girl dedicated her new work to her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, and the premiere took place on his birthday, January 13.

The couple was in a relationship from 2009 to 2020.

They met during the filming of the film "The Last Song", dated for a long time and eventually got engaged in May 2012, but the wedding did not come to fruition, the couple broke up in September 2013.

At that time, the singer released a song dedicated to the former, Wrecking Ball, where she talked about a broken heart.

However, three years later, Cyrus and Hemsworth resumed communication and their relationship, and in October, Miley publicly confirmed that they were engaged again.

In November 2018, the couple's house burned down in Malibu as a result of the Woolsey wildfire, and a month later they finally got married in Nashville and Miley took her husband's last name.

However, the marriage did not last long, a year later they filed for divorce, which was officially finalized in 2020.

Given such a stormy romance, Miley decided to write another song in honor of her ex, but this time she is no longer suffering, but says that she did not want to leave her husband, but as a result of the breakup, she realized that she is much better off without him.

I can buy myself flowers

write your name in the sand

Talk to yourself with a clock,

Seeing what you don't understand

I can take myself to a dance

And can hold my own hand

Yes, I can love myself more than you do.

Also in the video there were two more references to her broken marriage - the singer recalls in the song how her and her ex's house in Malibu burned down.

And at the end of the song, Miley wears a black men's jacket with satin lapels and dances in it in her luxurious home.

The jacket is believed to have previously belonged to Liam.

Miley Cyrus in the clip Flowers / Photo: screenshot from the video

The choice of the girl's dress for the video in which she dances in the Californian hills is also very interesting.

Miley is wearing a gold vintage look by Yves Saint Laurent from the Fall-Winter 1991-1992 collection, which was presented at Paris Fashion Week.

Miley Cyrus in the clip Flowers / Photo: screenshot from the video

Yves Saint Laurent Collection 1991-1992 / Photo: Getty Images

Since its release, Miley's song has broken the record for the most streams in one week on Spotify.

It has reportedly amassed over 101 million streams.

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