[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Malaysian creative ghost Huang Mingzhi unexpectedly exploded during the Spring Festival holiday. Today, he opened YouTube in the community. It turns out that the MV of his new song "Twenty Floor", which he collaborated with "Fish Seller" Wang Lei, is online Later, he was given a yellow label and was restricted to "18 bans", which made him extremely popular.

Huang Mingzhi (right) released a new song "Twenty Floor", and joined hands with Wang Lei to create a rock and rap song to persuade the world.

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Huang Mingzhi released the new song "Twenty Floor" before the Lunar New Year, hoping to remind the public not to be addicted to gambling. He said: "I just hope to have a better publicity effect. During this Chinese New Year, I can share this song with social welfare and be able to A song that makes everyone reflect."

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Unexpectedly, after the song was uploaded, Huang Mingzhi's new song was directly sentenced to "two crimes" by YouTube. He said: "Not only was it yellow labelled, but it was also sentenced to 18 bans. YouTube did not give any reason at all, nor did it give us any opportunity to appeal."

As a creator, Mingzhi Huang said: "In the past, I have always been proud of being a YouTube creator, because it will not be strictly controlled by the government like mainstream media, and can't do anything or say anything. I can only sing praises and make some very boring works; however, today’s YouTube has been driven by greed, and it is gradually moving towards totalitarian management, and it is unreasonable." It seems quite uncomfortable.

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