The nutritionist said that after a meal, don’t forget to eat apples, dates, oranges and other fruits that have the homonym of New Year’s Day, which can add atmosphere and increase fiber intake. They are not only delicious but also increase nutrients.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] During the Lunar New Year, there are many more opportunities to have dinner with relatives and friends. However, be careful of changes in diet that may cause physical discomfort.

The nutritionist pointed out that there are more dinner parties, changes in work and rest, and less exercise during the Lunar New Year. If you don’t pay attention, you are prone to bloating, abdominal pain, and constipation.

It is recommended not to buy too much, make good use of low-fat cooking methods, prepare vegetable cold dishes, not excessive starch, eat fruits and nuts as desserts, drink sugar-free tea or boiled water, etc. to reduce the burden on the body.

Nutritionist Liao Xinyi posted on her Facebook fan page "Xinyi's Nutrition Chat Room" that even during the New Year holidays, one should pay attention to diet and normal living habits to avoid stomach upset.

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Master 6 tricks to eat good food easily and without burden

Don’t buy too much: I eat it all the time during the Chinese New Year holidays. Repeated heating of leftovers may have health concerns and affect health. It is recommended to write down the menu before buying ingredients, and prepare 5-8 dishes according to the number of people. Add a soup or hot pot, cook as much as you eat, there will be less waste of ingredients, and there will be no problem of leftovers.

It is more refreshing to use kombu clear soup as the soup base of the hot pot. It is healthier to eat tofu, fish slices, meat slices, vegetables, mushrooms and other prototype ingredients. Adding a lot of vegetables to increase fiber is healthier.

Make good use of low-oil cooking methods such as roasting, steaming, boiling, and blanching: reduce fried and fried dishes, reduce fat intake, and make good use of ovens and electric pans, such as oven-baked sea bass, grilled sesame chicken drumsticks, and honey grilled Pork ribs, steamed eggs in an electric pot, stewed chicken soup or stewed meat, grilled or steamed are not only low-fat and healthy, but also can be served on time when the time is set, which is very convenient.

●Vegetable cold dishes: Big fish and meat are unavoidable during the Chinese New Year. You can design some cold vegetables as an appetizer, increasing the fiber and reducing the greasy feeling, and the cold dishes can be prepared the day before, so you don’t have to rush to prepare in advance.

Refreshing vegetable cold dishes such as cold bamboo shoot salad, vinegared black fungus, and Taiwanese pickles are all very good, and sweet and sour side dishes are also very popular.

●Not too much starch: Carrot cake, fried rice noodles, pork knuckle noodles and other staple foods are indispensable for Chinese New Year dishes. It is enough to control half a bowl when eating, and do not add white rice, so as not to accumulate calories due to excessive starch.

●Eat fruits and nuts for dessert: Don’t forget to eat fruits after meals. Oranges, dates, and apples all have Chinese New Year homonyms that can add atmosphere and increase fiber intake.

For snacks, you can choose plain nuts. A moderate intake of 5-10 nuts is enough. Nuts are rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E, B group, etc., which are not only delicious but also increase nutrients. It's healthier left whole and makes a great snack option.

●Drink sugar-free tea or boiled water: reduce the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, and replace them with sugar-free tea or boiled water to replenish water and help normal metabolism.

Liao Xinyi reminds everyone to chew slowly when eating. If you are prone to gas, please reduce the number of times you talk while eating, so as not to swallow too much air and cause flatulence. You will feel fuller when you chew slowly. Avoid eating Gain weight by eating too much food.

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