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Even before the New Year, there was a boom in chicken pox among children in Starozagorsko.

90% of the kindergartens raised the alarm about sick people in their groups. 

According to Dr. Tanya Perchemlieva from the RZI in the region, most of the isolated cases of diseases are influenza A.

"And this week, the morbidity remains at an epidemic level. Today the headquarters is meeting, which will decide what the anti-epidemic measures will be in the future. Chicken pox usually spreads during the winter season, it takes a leading place among other viral infections. At the moment, we have registered about 280 the case in Stara Zagora region. At the end of last year, they were only in the regional city, and now there are also in Kazanlak or Chirpan," she explained.

Prof. Alexandrova commented on the flu boom

According to her, the quarantine for chicken pox is 21 days and no new children are allowed in the group with an infected child in the particular kindergarten.