Ellie Wilson is a 25-year-old girl from Great Britain who managed to record the confession of her abuser Daniel McFlaren and published it in cyberspace to prove that manipulators can also be abusers.

The events Wilson refers to are between January 1 and February 2018, when she was a political science student and McFlaren was studying medicine at the University of Glasgow.

According to her, the first rape happened while she was unconscious.

According to local media, McFlaren was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault and in July this year.

was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

In the early hours of the new year 2018, I was raped while lying unconscious by a person I trusted immensely.

Then began a series of years of bullying.

His friends and relatives knew this, but everyone told me that no one would believe me.

But they were wrong.

He (McFlarren) welcomes the new year 2023 behind bars, she stated.

A key role in the punishment was the audio recording that Wilson secretly recorded and then made public.

In it, her boyfriend practically confesses everything he has done to her in recent years, which turns out to be solid evidence in court.

A migrant attacked and raped a woman, sent her to hospital with serious injuries

Currently, Wilson has devoted herself to the cause of helping victims of sexual assault.

I will never forget what I experienced...it will remain a part of me forever.

But I need to release my pain and that happens little by little when I help others like me, explained the young woman.

An award-winning athlete and politics graduate, @ellieokwilson highlights how rape survivors like her are often given less support by universities than their perpetrators.

She's calling for change on @STVNews

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