Curry Leaves For Thick Hair: Apply curry leaves in this way to get long and thick hair. 

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  • Apply curry leaves for hair growth.

  • These home remedies are very effective.

  • Looks good on hair.

Curry Leaves For Hair:

Just as tempering of curry leaves in food increases the taste, similarly curry leaves can be used for hair care.

Curry leaves help in hair growth, removes dirt from the scalp and makes the hair strong as well as thick.

Curry leaves contain vitamin B, vitamin C, protein and many such anti-oxidants which give full nutrition to the scalp and help in hair growth.

Due to being rich in amino acids, curry leaves also give shine to the hair.

Curry leaves also prevent hair fall with calcium, iron and phosphorus. 

To get long and thick hair, apply Amla on hair in this way, people will come and ask the secret of hair care 

curry leaves for hair growth |

curry leaves for hair growth 

curry leaves and amla 

Cut Amla according to the application on the hair and then put it in a blender and grind it.

Grind a handful of curry leaves in it.

Apply this paste on the hair and wash the hair after 1 to 2 hours.

This hair mask can be applied once a week. 

curry leaves and fenugreek 

To make this hair mask, grind one gooseberry with half a cup of curry leaves and half a cup of fenugreek seeds in a mixer.

Add water as needed to dilute this paste.

After this apply hair mask of curry leaves from root to tip and keep it for half an hour and wash hair. 

curry leaves and coconut oil 

This recipe can be used to strengthen the hair.

To use it, boil 10 to 12 curry leaves in a bowl of oil.

When the curry leaves turn black, take the bowl off the heat and let the oil cool down.

Fill this oil in a vial and whenever you want to use it, heat it slightly and massage your hair with this oil. 

curry leaves water 

Curry leaves can be used not only to lengthen the hair but also to remove the problem of frizzy and tangled hair.

Boil 17-18 curry leaves in a glass of water.

Cool this water and pour this water on hair while washing hair and after 10 minutes wash hair with plain water. 

curry leaves and curd 

If you see more scalp than hair on your head, then make this hair growth mask and apply it without delay.

To make this hair mask, grind a handful of curry leaves and mix 4-5 spoons of curd in it.

After keeping this paste on the hair for half an hour, wash it.

Shine will also be seen on the hair. 

You can drink saffron not only with milk but also with water, know what benefits the body gets from Saffron Water 

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